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Not Today Jesus Hoodie
The artwork for our Say No to Jesus tee
Not Today Jesus Hoodie with Glow

Not Today Jesus Hoodie




This product is our Not Today Jesus Hoodie. The design depicts what resembles Baphomet, mixed with a teddy bear sitting cross-legged on the clouds. It says in bright and bold “NOT TODAY” on the top and “JESUS” below.

Behind Baphomet is a beautiful rainbow using all the colours. And around the edges of the rainbow are small satanic symbols to make it look a little more rebellious. It comes in different colours and sizes, which you can select at checkout. This T-shirt is unisex and is very comfortable with its poly/cotton blend.

Rebellious Style

Embrace a bold and distinctive style with our Not Today Hoodie. This unique design combines elements of Baphomet and a teddy bear seated cross-legged on the clouds. The eye-catching graphics feature boldly printed words “NOT TODAY” above “JESUS.” It’s a hoodie that doesn’t shy away from making a statement.

Vibrant Rainbow

Behind Baphomet, you’ll find a vibrant and beautiful rainbow across the design. With its full spectrum of colours, the rainbow adds a striking contrast to the overall look, creating a captivating visual impact.

Satanic Edge

Small satanic symbols adorn the edges of the rainbow to give this hoodie an edgy and rebellious vibe. These symbols add an element of intrigue and mystery to the design. It’s perfect for those who appreciate unique and thought-provoking fashion.

Comfortable Fit

Our Not Today Hoodie is designed for comfort and style. Made from a high-quality poly/cotton blend. It offers a comfortable and breathable fit that’s perfect for everyday wear. Whether lounging at home or stepping out, you’ll feel at ease in this hoodie.

Size and Colour Options

We understand that personal style varies, so our hoodie is available in various sizes, from Small to 5XL. Furthermore, you can choose from multiple colours at checkout, expressing your unique style.

Unisex Appeal

Our hoodie is thoughtfully designed to be unisex, making it suitable for both males and females. We believe fashion knows no gender, and this hoodie reflects our commitment to inclusive style.



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