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Occult Masters Pentagram Tea Light Candleholder
Pentagram Occult 5 Candleholder view from the top
Occult Masters Pentagram Tea Light Candleholder

Occult Masters Pentagram Tea Light Candleholder




This is the occult leader’s tea light candleholder. It’s a stunning candleholder with its powerful dark appearance and shaped like the witch’s pentagram. It’s been skilfully hand-painted, made with high-quality Polyresin, and designed to hold five candles as a centrepiece for your rituals and covens. Furthermore, it’s the perfect gift for any witch, pagan, Wiccan or occultist.

Embrace the Darkness

Explore the mystique of our occult leader’s candleholder. This product is crafted with precision from high-quality Polyresin. This pentagram-shaped art piece is perfect for rituals and covens and as a gift for witches, pagans, Wiccans, and occultists.

Unveil the Power of Darkness

Elevate your rituals with our expertly hand-painted occult-style candleholder. Measuring 26 cm in length and width, this striking piece by Nemesis Now is the epitome of dark elegance.

A Candleholder for the Occult Enthusiast

Dive into the world of the occult with our stunning candleholder. It’s crafted from high-quality resin and adorned with intricate hand-painted details. And it’s the ideal centrepiece for your spiritual practices and a unique gift choice.

Crafted for the Occultist in You

Indulge in the occult with our tea light candleholder, designed to hold five candles. Whether you’re a witch, pagan, Wiccan, or drawn to the mystical, this piece by Nemesis Now is a must-have addition to your collection.


  • Occult-style teal light candleholder
  • Made using high-quality resin
  • Expertly hand-painted to express darkness
  • 26 cm in length and width
  • Brand: Nemesis Now
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Weight: 1.14 kg
  • Size: 26 cm
  • SKU: NEM2273
  • Barcode: 801269025298

Immerse yourself in the world of the occult with our Polyresin candleholder. Its dark appearance, pentagram design, and careful hand-painting make it a symbolic addition to your spiritual space.


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