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Me holding the Onvoy ghost box
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The Ghoststop Onvoy ghost box

Onvoy Ghost Box




The Onvoy is a specialized communicator activated by EMF, temperature changes, and touch and intended to transmit messages from the afterlife. It is highly advanced and user-friendly for ghosts to convey their messages to us. It allows sending gestures, phrases, numbers, words, and simple yes/no responses. Paranormal investigators have created this communication system. It can give you an uncomplicated and well-documented means of communication.

Onvoy Features

  • Enables effortless communication for spirits
  • Displays icons, words, numbers, and yes/no responses
  • Detects fluctuations in EMF, touch, and temperature in the surroundings
  • Features a backlit display, audio alerts, and indicator lights
  • Offers complete control over-sensitivity, sensors, and speed
  • Comes with a durable rechargeable battery

User-friendly for Spirits

Operating the Onvoy is straightforward. First, select the screen you wish to use, such as words, numbers, icons, or yes/no. Then, the selector moves sequentially through all the available options. When the Onvoy detects a touch or a variation in EMF or temperature, it selects the option that the selector is currently at. This tool is straightforward for ghosts to interact and work with. You can demonstrate its simplicity and efficiency by testing and producing words yourself. All you have to do is tap the device as the selector moves through the choices.

Clear and Verifiable

The Onvoy aims to streamline the process for ghosts to engage with the device by offering various communication methods such as EMF, touch, and temperature changes. It also provides a transparent and verifiable communication system for the user, making it ideal for ghost hunters and spirits.


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    Ian Stafford

    Arrived quickly, looks well-made, seems a good device hoping to get some good results, not had chance to properly test it in the field yet.

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