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Talking board style witch box
Ouija board alternative gothic magical box
Ouija board alternate goth style storage box
Spirit board alternate witches' container
Spirit board alternative gothic container
Talking board style gothic box

Ouija Board Alternative Gothic Magical Box 12 cm



Hide secret treasures, trinkets and notes in this Heart Shaped Ouija Board Box. Designed by the brilliant artists at Nemesis Now, this truly is a unique witch box. Around the sides of the box, you will see the sun and moon. And the Ouija board letters and numbers on the lid. The whole box and lid are covered with intricate detailing. The box is shaped like a planchette, fitting for a spirit board-themed box. It’s the perfect gift for any witch or spiritualist.


Unlock a world of mystery with our enchanting Heart Ouija Board Box. It’s a creation that blends the allure of the occult with artistic elegance. Designed by the renowned artists at Nemesis Now, this box is not just a container for your treasures. It’s a statement piece that captures the essence of mystical charm and witches’ wonder.

Unique Design and Symbolism

Heart-Shaped with Ouija Style Motif: The heart shape of the box adds a touch of whimsy and romance. And it makes it an excellent piece for those who cherish love and mystery. The lid is adorned with Ouija board letters and numbers, evoking the intrigue of spirit communication.

Sun and Moon Accents: Encircling the sides of the item are beautifully rendered sun and moon designs, symbols of balance, duality, and cosmic energy. These celestial elements enhance the mystical theme of the box. It makes it perfect for anyone drawn to the spiritual realm.

Planchette-Inspired Shape: The overall design of the box mimics a planchette, the movable indicator used in Ouija boards. This fitting homage to spirit boards adds a layer of authenticity and charm to the piece.

Craftsmanship and Quality

Hand-Painted Polyresin Material: The box is constructed from high-quality Polyresin. The product is both durable and exquisitely detailed. Expertly hand-painted, every curve and accent is brought to life, offering a visually stunning piece that is as durable as it is beautiful.

Intricate Detailing: The intricate detailing that covers the box and lid is a testament to the skill of Nemesis Now’s artists. Each line and curve adds to the box’s mystical aura.

Ideal Gift for the Spiritual

Perfect for Witches and Spiritualists: This Ouija box is an ideal gift for anyone who practices witchcraft, loves the mystical, or appreciates unique and artful home decor.

Versatile Use: Beyond its beauty, the box is practical for storing tiny treasures, keepsakes, or secret notes. Its captivating design makes it a standout piece on any altar, shelf, or table.


  • Mystical heart-shaped Ouija board box
  • Unique and elegant design
  • Made using high-quality Polyresin
  • Expertly and perfectly hand-painted

Witch Box Specification

  • Brand: Nemesis Now
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Weight: 0.58 kg
  • Size: 12 cm
  • SKU: B4329M8
  • Barcode: 801269129590

The Ouija Board Box is more than just a storage item. It’s a portal to the mystical and a tribute to the artistic. Whether safeguarding precious mementoes, practising spiritual rituals, or looking for a unique gift, this product offers storage and a touch of the occult. Embrace the mystery and charm of the occult with this exquisite piece from Nemesis Now.

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