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Our embossed Ouija board shoulder bag from the side
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The back of the Ouija-themed bag
Ouija board embossed shoulder bag in black

Ouija Board Embossed Shoulder Bag In Black




This product is the magical Ouija Board Shoulder Bag with embossed decorations. It comes with a powerful occult charm, as it’s a likeness of the Ouija board. It is well-established as one of the best spirit communication tools. Furthermore, it’s a black bag, with white decoration. It includes the alphabet, numbers 0-9, yes, no, and goodbye.

Furthermore, it features the sun and moon, planchettes, and baroque designs. And the alphabet arcs around the numbering. Use this bag cautiously, and the Ouija is a powerful iconic symbol. Perfect for carrying your witchcraft journal, spell ingredients, and anything else used in your craft.

Unlock the occult

We want to introduce the Ouija Board Shoulder Bag. It’s a paranormal-style accessory that’s linked with the mystic world of the occult. This black bag adorned with striking white decorations embodies the spirit of the talking board. It’s a revered tool for spirit talking and divination.

An iconic symbol of spirit connection

The Ouija board, often called the “talking board,” has a long-standing reputation. It’s one of the most potent means of speaking with the spirit realm. This shoulder bag beautifully captures the spirit board’s essence. It features essential elements such as the alphabet, numbers 0-9, “yes,” “no,” and “goodbye.” The design also includes celestial symbols, including the sun and moon, planchettes, and intricate baroque patterns.

Proceed with caution

While this bag is a fashion statement piece, handling it with respect and mindfulness is essential. The spirit board is a powerful and iconic symbol deeply rooted in the supernatural. It serves as a reminder of the mysteries beyond the physical realm.

Versatile and spacious

Practicality meets mystique with this shoulder bag. Its generous size provides ample space for all your witchcraft essentials. From your cherished journal filled with spells and incantations to your carefully curated spell ingredients. Whether heading to a coven gathering or on a solitary journey of magic, this bag has you covered.



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