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The Ouija board planchette hanging ornament, hung up on a small tree
Our spirit board style planchette Hangable ornament
A close up of our Ouija board planchette hanging ornament

Ouija Board Planchette Hanging Ornament 8.5 cm




This product is the planchette-shaped Ouija Board Hanging Ornament. It’s a fancy ornament designed by the bewitching minds of Nemesis Now. Black and decorated with white in the style of the talking board, this will surely catch the attention of visitors to your space. It is made from high-quality resin and hand-painted. It makes it the perfect addition to any goth or witch collection.


Add a touch of mystique to your space with the Ouija Board Planchette Hanging Ornament. Crafted with the creative expertise of Nemesis Now, this ornament blends the allure of the supernatural with artistic flair. And it makes it a lovely addition to any goth or witch’s collection.

Elegant Design and Craftsmanship

Mystical Aesthetics: The ornament, shaped like a classic Ouija planchette, captures the essence of the iconic talking board. Its black base, adorned with white detailing, creates a striking contrast that draws the eye.

Hand-Painted Artistry: Each piece is hand-painted, ensuring that every ornament is unique. The attention to detail in the painting brings out the intricate design elements. It makes it more than just a decoration but a piece of art.

Quality Materials: This ornament is made from high-grade resin and promises a lasting presence. The resin construction ensures the ornament is lightweight and sturdy, ideal for hanging without worry.

Versatile Decorative Appeal

Conversation Starter: The design is sure to spark conversation among visitors. It’s the perfect statement piece for your living room, study, or any space that could use a touch of the occult.

Perfect for Themed Decor: Ideal for those who appreciate the occult or are interested in magic and spirituality. It seamlessly fits into themed rooms or collections.

Compact Size: The ornament is compact enough to hang in smaller spaces but still large enough to be noticeable.


  • Ouija board design hanging ornament
  • Crafted with the finest resin
  • Exclusive and unique design
  • 8.5 cm in height



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