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The back of our Ouija board shoulder bag
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Ouija Board Shoulder Bag 23 cm


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Stand out from the crowd with this unique Ouija board-themed shoulder bag. Now, you can contact the spirit realm wherever you travel. The front of the bag has the alphabet shaped in an arc, along with numbers 0-9, yes, no and goodbye. This shoulder bag has two zipped compartments, the perfect place to store your belongings. The Ouija board has long been established as one of the most potent occult tools.

Unlock mysteries with the Ouija bag

Step into a world of mysticism and intrigue with our Ouija Board-themed shoulder bag. Whether you’re an avid believer in the paranormal or fascinated by the enigmatic, this unique bag will make you stand out.

A design that speaks to the unknown

The front of this extraordinary bag features the iconic Ouija board design. It’s complete with the alphabet arcing gracefully, numbers from 0 to 9, and the essential words “yes,” “no,” and “goodbye.” This captivating design isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a tribute to one of the most powerful and enigmatic occult tools in history.

Function meets style

Practicality meets style in this spacious and stylish shoulder bag. It doesn’t just look great; it’s designed to make your life easier. With two zip compartments, you’ll have ample room to organise and secure your belongings. Whether on the go or just wanting a fashionable accessory, this bag covers you.

Customisable for your comfort

We understand that comfort matters as much as style, so this bag has an adjustable strap. You can easily find the perfect fit, whether you prefer to wear it as a cross-body bag or over your shoulder. Say goodbye to uncomfortable bags that cramp your style.

Top-quality craftsmanship

This bag is crafted with care and precision, and this Ouija Board shoulder bag is manufactured by Nemesis Now. It’s synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. Made from durable PU and canvas materials, it’s not just a fashion accessory – it’s built to last.



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