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Talking Board Wallet
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Ouija Board Wallet

Ouija Board Wallet


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This product is the one-of-a-kind Ouija Board Wallet. It’s unique and different and will stand out anywhere you take it. Ouija boards are known to be one of the most potent occult tools out there. It’s edged with an intricate design, a black background, and the alphabet displayed in an arc.

This little wallet looks like a mini talking board. The design also includes yes, no, goodbye, and the numeric characters. Caution: This purse is not for the faint-hearted, as it contains the power of the spirits! The lovely, embossed detailing enhances the overall appearance with its 3D effect.

A Unique Accessory for the Bold

Step into the world of the mystical with the Ouija Board Wallet, an accessory that’s sure to turn heads. Unlike any ordinary wallet, this piece carries the enigmatic charm of the occult. Its black and white design, inspired by the classic Ouija board, makes a bold statement. Ideal for those who dare to stand out from the crowd, this wallet is not just a utility item but a conversation starter.

Occult Inspiration

The Ouija Wallet is deeply rooted in the mysterious world of the occult. Ouija boards have long been linked with the supernatural as a powerful tool for communicating with the spirit world.

This wallet captures the essence of these enigmatic boards, complete with letters and numbers arched gracefully across a jet-black background. The words “Yes,” “No,” and “Goodbye,” along with the numbers, add to its authentic look, making it resemble a mini talking board.

More Than Just a Wallet

Beyond its striking appearance, the Talking Board Wallet shines in craftsmanship. The intricate, embossed detailing creates a captivating 3D effect, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. This wallet is not just about style; it’s about making a statement with quality. Crafted by Nemesis Now, a brand known for its quality products, the wallet is made from high-grade PU material, ensuring durability and a premium texture.

Designed for Practicality

The Spirit Board Wallet isn’t just about looks; it’s designed with practicality. It features multiple slots to accommodate all your cards, ensuring they are neatly organized and easily accessible. A zip compartment adds functionality, providing a secure space for coins and small items. Measuring 18.5 cm in height and weighing just 0.08 kg, it’s the perfect size to carry around without hassle.


  • Classic black and white Ouija board pattern
  • Very stylish and practical
  • Slots for all your cards
  • Includes zip compartment

Talking Board Wallet Specification

  • Brand: Nemesis Now
  • Material: PU
  • Weight: 0.08 kg
  • Height: 18.5 cm
  • SKU: B5376S0
  • Barcode: 801269141127

The Ouija Board Wallet is more than just a place to hold money and cards. It’s a fashion statement, a nod to the mystical, and a testament to exquisite craftsmanship. Perfect for those who embrace the unusual and the bold, this wallet will surely be a treasured addition to any accessory collection.

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