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A front and side view of the SB11-ANC
The P-SB11-ANC in operation
The PSB11 sat upright on its stand
Showing the sides of the SB1-ANC
The SB11 from the back
P-SB11-ANC-with adjustable noise control

P-SB11-ANC with Adjustable Noise Control




This P-SB11-ANC Spirit Box has a Dual Sweep, making it the most advanced Spirit Box currently on the market.

Like the P-SB11, with Adjustable Noise Control

The P-SB11-ANC includes a Dual Channel Adjustable Noise Control filter that allows you to hear spirit responses while removing the sweep sound during your Spirit Box sessions. Every P-SB11-ANC has been fully tested and the ANC is preset to the best level for greater results. If you want to make any changes, just increase or decrease the filter using the two buttons for more or less white noise. The ANC makes hearing and understanding the spirit responses a far lot easier. All the other features and specs for the standard P-SB11 are the same.

A Superb Quality Spirit Box

The P-SB11-ANC Spirit Box is a Dual Sweep ITC Research Device, which offers FM and AM sweeps. It is a high-quality piece of paranormal equipment for the supernatural researcher. It is one of the best and most advanced Spirit Boxes on the market due to its high-performance abilities.

The P-SB11-ANC Spirit Box offers the sharp and clear audio responses. It has been used in a range of tests by many different paranormal investigators all over the world, and is regarded to be one of the best Spirit Boxes available.

What does the P-SB11-ANC do?

The P-SB11-ANC is worth its weight in gold. It has a crystal-clear sound, and it has a dual sweep function, meaning you can sweep AM and FM at the same time.

The P-SB11-ANC Ghost Box comes with a built-in temperature sensor, this feature which shows any rises or falls in the temperature of the area. It’s a unique feature which many other Ghost Boxes don’t have. Temperature changes are often known to occur as ghost activity is happening, like when you can hear voices coming through the frequencies that the spirit box is picking up. The P SB11-ANC alerts you to any changes in temperature through an audible beeps. This is called Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection, or ATDD.



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    Kieran Humphries

    After much experimenting, I must say that this latest version of the SB11 is a must-have spirit communication.

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