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P-SB11 spirit box ITC research AM/FM ghost hunting

P-SB11 SpiritBox with Dual Sweep



This P-SB11 Spirit Box has a Dual Sweep, making it the most advanced Spirit Box currently on the market.

The P-SB11 Spirit Box Dual Sweep ITC Research Device offers FM and AM sweeps. It is a high-quality piece of paranormal equipment. The P-SB11 is also sometimes called the SB11. It is one of the best and most advanced Spirit Boxes on the market due to its high-performance abilities.

The P-SB11 Spirit Box offers the sharpest and clearest audio compared to other Spirit Boxes. It has been used in a range of tests by many different paranormal investigators all over the world, and is regarded to be the absolute best Spirit Box on the market. It is widely used on TV due to its reliability, for example, by Zack Bagans from Travel Channels and Ghost Adventures.

What Does The P-SB11 Do?

The P-SB11 is worth every penny. It is comprised of crystal-clear sound and has a dual sweep function, meaning you can sweep AM and FM channels in multiple directions.

The P-SB11 Spirit Box comes with a temperature meter, which shows any rises or falls in the temperature of the area you are investigating in. This is a unique feature which many other Spirit Boxes do not have. Temperature changes are widely known to occur while spirit activity is happening, for example, when you can hear voices coming through the frequencies that the spirit box is picking up. The P SB11 then alerts you in any drastic changes in temperature through an audible alarm. This is canned Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection, or ATDD.

SB11 Main Features

  • Single or dual sweep modes
  • Dual sweep modes can be used simultaneously
  • Temperature meter which alerts you with tone
  • Ability to scan AM and FM Frequencies
  • Sweep speeds are easily adjustable
  • Multi-directional sweep (both forwards and backwards)
  • Antenna easily adjustable for signal attenuation
  • Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection, or ATDD
  • Hot & cold spot detection with light and sound alert
  • Built-in red LED flashlight to maintain night vision
  • Dual audio outputs which work simultaneously
  • Built-in flip-out stand

How Does The PSB11 Work?

The P-SB11 is the fastest sweeping Spirit Box to exist on the market today. It works by scanning FM and AM frequencies which ghosts and other paranormal entities are known to use to attempt to communicate with our world. The white noise and fast scanning can pick up a signal if there are paranormal entities around, and will channel it through the device. You need to use this device with an audio recorder to get the most out of it. You can then record any noises or sounds the PSB11 Spirit Box picks up, and are able to play them back and listen to them more carefully.

The benefit of the P-SB11 is it’s dual sweep function. The device allows you to sweep AM and FM frequencies in different directions at the same time, or have multiple sweeps going on simultaneously. The device can be set with both functions sweeping forward, both in reverse or one sweeping forwards with the other sweeping backwards.

You also have the ability to adjust the sweep speeds from 50msec – 350msec in 50msec increments. This allows you to decipher audio much better than with other spirit boxes, as you can speed it up or slow it down in real time.

Simply turn on the PSB11 Spirit Box with the on/off switch located on the side of the device.

P-SB11 Specifications:

  1. Comes with earphones and instruction manual
  2. Product Dimensions: 15.9 x 9.5 x 3.8 cm
  3. Product Weight: 313g

How To Use It:

Simply turn on the PSB11 Spirit Box with the on/off switch located on the side of the device. If you are using it alongside our EMF Pump, then make sure that is one also. You will need to use an audio recorder alongside this device to capture any audio. Make sure you turn it on and set it up so that you can capture any signals.

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You can then set the device to scan in whichever direction and whatever frequency you prefer, whether its forwards, backwards or each sweep in a different direction. It is reported that by running one sweep on AM and one on FM frequencies will create clearer and more audible EVP transmissions. You can also adjust the rate of sweep through speeding it up or slowing it down. It depends on what your ears are accustomed to. Setting the sweep speed faster or slower is mainly due to preference, although it could be argued that by slowing down the speed you may be able to decipher the audio easier.

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    An excellent choice! The P-SB11 has two channels, both switchable AM/FM, and adjustable sweep speed on each channel. You can have a channel one on AM at sweep speed 300, and channel two on FM at sweep speed 250, or both on AM or FM. Add to that that the SB11 has a temperature meter that is very accurate you can’t go wrong.

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    Geoff R.

    Excellent service. Very impressed.

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    Help Heal Serve – Soul Seekers

    Amazing piece of equipment for all your investigations

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