PSB7 ghost hunting spirit box radio spirit communication FM/AM
P-SB7 ghost box ITC Research FM AM radio paranormal investigation
PSB7 ghost box ITC Research FM AM radio paranormal investigation
PSB7 ghost hunting spirit box radio spirit communication FM/AM
PSB7 spirit box itc research fm am radio ghost hunting equipment
P-SB7 rev4 evp frquency sweep radio ghost radio paranormal equipment
psb7 rev4 evp frquency sweep radio ghost hunting equipment
P-SB7 ghost hunting spirit box radio spirit communication FM/AM
PSB7 ghost hunting spirit box radio spirit communication FM/AM
Ghost Box

P-SB7 Spirit Box FM AM with External Speaker


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New and Improved P-SB7 Spirit Box FM/AM with External Ball Speaker

The PSB7 Spirit Box is one of the best ghost boxes on the market. It features a whole bunch of new improvements which have been being built upon every year. The P-SB7 is custom-built. It is an AM/FM sweep radio system built with ghost hunters at the forefront of our mind. Its diverse range sweeping through both AM and FM radio stations allows you to communicate with spirits and ghosts.

The improved version of the P-SB7 Spirit Box has the 76MHz to 87.9MHz frequency removed. It has been removed to allow the device to focus on the frequencies where EVP occurs most commonly. This leads to higher quality and more accurate audio recordings, and increased likelihood of capturing EVPs.

The Spirit Shack P-SB7 Spirit Box is an essential piece of equipment for anyone interested in investigating the paranormal. It is famous in its own right for the amazing proof it has given instantaneously for proving paranormal activity.

What Does It Do?

It has been regarded amongst the paranormal investigation community that spirits communicate through FM and AM radio signal. This new and improved P-SB7 Spirit Box sweeps through radio stations, and has the ability to linger on a signal if it picks one up, meaning it can capture words, phrases, and even whole sentences from paranormal entities.The P-SB7 Spirit Box is currently the single best way to communicate with spirits in real-time. The P-SB7 is small and light. It is a perfect addition to your ghost hunting equipment because of its diverse range of features. We recommend using an external speaker due to the built-in speaker being slightly quiet. Included is a FREE EXTERNAL SPEAKER, or, use headphones with the device for further clarity.

The updated P-SB7 Spirit Box includes noise-cancelling circuits to give you clearer sounds and voices. This ensures higher-quality recordings and less interference.

Main Features:

  • Use the P-SB7 Ghost Box for spirit communication
  • Listen to live responses with the external speaker
  • Headphone connectivity for increased clarity and volume
  • Scan through both FM and AM frequencies with ease
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Easily portable due to its small structure
  • New and improved model focuses on 88 to 108 FM frequency where paranormal activity is most likely to occur.
  • Free external speaker provided
  • Equal tuning of AM and FM band

How Does It Work?

The P-SB7 Spirit Box works by scanning through FM and AM frequency bands. It is made to scan high-frequency synthetic noises (white noise) that spirits seemingly use to form words, phrases and sentences. Through using the external speaker or headphones connected to the device, you can listen for any words or phrases that can be distinguished. You may not be able to hear them at first, but with time you will be able to pick them up.

This device allows you to listen to live responses from paranormal entities. This means you are able to communicate in real-time with spirits. This is the most likely way you will able to capture EVPs, as the sweeping frequencies is powerful and immediate.

The PSB7 has 7 different sweep speeds to choose from. This means you can experiment and choose the speed which suits you best and picks up the majority of the EVP responses. You then use that speed, and run the PSB7 Spirit Box to see if you pick up any frequencies.

PSB7 Specifications:

  1. Size: 10cm x 5.5cm x 2cm
  2. Power: 3x AAA Batteries Required (Not Included)
  3. Comes with P-SB7 Spirit Box
  4. External Ball Speaker

How To Use The P-SB7

The more you use this P-SB7 Spirit Box, the more you will get from it. It can take a while to tune your ear to pick up words and phrases that stand out amongst white noise.

Before using the PSB7 Spirit Box, make sure to charge the external speaker fully with the USB cable. The USB cable to charge the speaker is included in the speaker packaging. Remove the cable, and plug in the speaker. Once it is fully charged, it can be plugged into the PSB7 and turned on by using the power switch which is located under the foam padding. The light will come on which indicates that the speaker is turned on and ready for use.

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  1. Lola Tyler

    Thank you SpiritShack for sending us the Psb-7 Spiritbox it works great and we have had some amazing EVP sessions with it. We will diffently recommend you guys for sure, thanks again!