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Para4ce PMB Paranormal Music Box


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The Para4ce PMB Paranormal Music Box is a unique and special interesting ghost hunting tool. It gives remarkable results in paranormal investigations to ghost hunters all around the world. The Paranormal Music Box works as a trigger object, it will alert you both visually and audibly. If anything that is seen or unseen moves in front of the PMB. When its triggered, it will start playing the creepy tune and the light will switch on!

  • High Quality Paranormal Music Box
  • Effective in attracting Paranormal Activity
  • Effective detecting Paranormal Activity
  • Sends out Ultrasound Pulses similar to how a Radar works
  • Reacts once triggered by Playing Creepy Music and Lighting Up

PMB: The most effective trigger object

The PMB is in the shape of a coffin. It has a pitch-black body and solid construction, which makes it a very impressive instrument. You will be impressed with the quality from the moment you see and touch it. It’s look gives off creepy vibes, which is fun and interesting. It really is the classic vintage paranormal music box. It’s has an intriguing look as well as being a very effective as a trigger object.

Superb quality and hand-crafted

Music boxes have been around for many centuries. The instrument is playful, and has primarily been aimed at children, It is an familiarity to many past generations. The Para4ce Coffin PMB is beautifully made by hand. The centre is made out of good quality wood. And the top and bottom is made out of black, painted aluminium. It’s craftsmanship at its finest!

How does the Paranormal Music Box work?

The PMB can be triggered by anything which moves in front of it within 5 meters of it. Including people and spirits. Simply turn it on, and point it against a wall, object, or a door that is within it’s range. The PMB will take a few seconds to calibrate, then it will be ready to go. And it will start to detect paranormal activity! If anything is seen moving between the Para4ce Music Box and the fixed object. Then the PMB’s light will light will turn on, and the creepy tune of the music box will begin to play. This means you have caught some paranormal activity! Remember the maximum range of the Music Box is 5 meters. So, ensure that the object the PMB is pointed to, is no further away than 5 meters.

The most unique ghost hunting device

The technology behind the PMB is nothing like a LIP motion detector. The PMBs are extremely sensitive to body temperature. Regardless of whether it’s a living or a dead person. Compared to background objects at room temperature.

How to use the Paranormal Music Box

  • Put two new 8v batteries in the unit
  • Place the PMB on a flat surface, like a table or the floor
  • Point it towards the area you wish to monitor, it needs to have a wall, door or objects for the radar to bounce off
  • Turn the PMB on device
  • The PMB will calibrate in a few seconds
  • Start your ghost hunting investigation

Do not stand or move around in front of the PMB when its calibrating. It will create an erroneous calibration. You can’t move the PMB around once its been calibration, it will offset the calibration. If you want to monitor another area. Turn it off, move it to the new location, and then turn it back on so it can calibrate in its new position.

Top features

  • Beautiful hand-crafted design
  • Passive Radar Sensors to detect motion
  • Built in bright blue LED light
  • Audio alert: It plays creepy music!
  • Takes two 9V batteries (not included)


  • Keep it away from rain and water, as it will damage the product and the wood.
  • It works best indoors, preferably standard room temperature
  • Ensure you put the batteries in the right way around
  • It needs to be indoors, so the ultrasound radar beams have something to bounce off

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