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Para4ce PMB POLTERTUNE in Action!




The Para4ce PMB Poltertune is a smaller, more lightweight and portable version of the original Para4ce PMB. It comes in at a more affordable price and is a popular and widely used piece of ghost hunting equipment.

This piece of equipment is well-known throughout the paranormal investigation community and has even been seen being used on TV multiple times, including in Ghost Adventures with Zak Bagans.

Music boxes have been used throughout paranormal investigations for many years now as ghost hunters realized how paranormal entities and spirits love to interact with them, especially child ghosts. The Para4ce Poltertune is used similarly to a music box, in that it activates a creepy tune when triggered. The device has a range of 1-1.5 metres and will alert you with this tune and a red light once it is activated.

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The Poltertune is a great alternative to the original, larger Para4ce which comes in at a higher price. The main differences between the two devices are the size and the range, the original Para4ce being larger and covering up to 5 m in range, and the Poltertune being slightly smaller and covering 11.5 m in range. Both pieces of equipment are manufactured in the USA by Para4ce.

How Does the Para4ce Poltertune Work?

Once set up, the Para4ce Poltertune works by detecting any movement within a 1.5-metre range of the object. This is great for if you believe there is increased paranormal activity within a certain area of your site, and will allow you to quickly and easily see if you are correct by simply setting up this device in that area.

The Para4ce Poltertune It can also be used as a quick and simple trigger object that can inform the rest of your paranormal investigation. Once you get to a site, you might not know which areas contain the most paranormal activity, and therefore in which areas to set up your other, perhaps more sophisticated pieces of equipment. Setting up the Poltertune, or multiple, if you have them in your kit, in different areas throughout the site will allow you to easily see where the most paranormal activity is taking place, depending on which devices are triggered most often.

The Para4ce PMB Poltertune will alert you both audibly and visually when something, whether that being is of physical or paranormal nature, comes within its 1.5 m range. There is a red light located just on top of the device which will flash, alongside the creepy music box tune which will begin playing. This alerts you straight away if something is detected, and adds a creepy vibe to your paranormal investigations, especially good if you are filming or live-streaming it for social media.

Main Features of the Para4ce PMB Poltertune:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Easily powered by 2 x 9v batteries
  • Offers up to 1.5 metres detection range
  • Can be used handheld while walking throughout an area
  • Place it down or walk throughout an area with it
  • No calibration time is needed
  • Product dimensions (18.5 cm x 10 cm x 3 cm)
  • Weight (284 grams)
  • Made professionally in the USA

How to use the Para4ce Poltertune

In order for the original Para4ce to work, it has to be placed down on a flat surface and pointing in the direction in which you want it to work. The Poltertune benefits from being portable and moveable, meaning you can walk throughout an area while using it. To utilize this feature, simply turn on the device and pick it up. The Poltertune doesn’t take any time to calibrate, meaning you can begin using it straight away.

To use the Poltertune PMB, it requires 2x 9v batteries. These will keep it running for up to 12 hours if it’s not triggered. This is key if you are looking to use the Poltertune for the entirety of your paranormal investigation, and ensures you aren’t left without a PMB in your time of need. The more the Spirit Shack Para4ce Poltertune is triggered, the more power it will use.

You can also use the Para4ce PMB Poltertune as a trigger object. This will allow you to gain better insight into your spirits and communicate with them, asking them questions and triggering the device depending on their answer. For example, asking a question to the spirits and telling them to trigger the device for a “yes” answer.


Ensure the 9v battery is placed in the PMB the correct way, with + and – in the right position. If not, it will immediately break the electronic circuitry and will break the instrument. There are no screws for the battery lid. The battery compartment has a hole for a screw; however, no screws are not needed at all.

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    Packing was great, shipping was fast! This is a neat little device I added to my collection and just put it to use this week with positive results. Something about music seems just attractive and universal in the spirit realm! Recommend!

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