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The Para4ce PMB POLTERTUNE is a variation of the original PMB at a more affordable price. The original PMB is well known and is very popular within the paranormal community. It was used by Zak Bagan’s from Ghost Adventures, and was aired on TV several times. The Para4ce PMB is amazing for detecting ghosts and spirits, and plays a creepy tune with a red light once activated. The original PMB isn’t cheap, but it has an excellent quality build. This Poltertune version works just as well, but has a much more affordable price tag. It’s manufactured in the USA by Para4ce.

How does the Poltertune work?

If anything moves past the Para4ce PMB POLTERTUNE, the red light lights up, and the bone chilling tune begins to play. This makes you aware straight away soon as something is detected. It gives adds a very creepy vibe and feel to your paranormal investigations. If you have not used one before, its a must! It’s actually one of the most fun to use ghost hunting products we have come across.

The Para4ce POLTERTUNE doesn’t have to be placed down like the original does. As it only detects things 1-1.5 meters in front of it, you can walk around whilst using it. You obviously need to face it away from you, and ensure you don’t get within 1-2m of any walls of objects. This is a great advantage to the original. The POLTERTUNE doesn’t require any setting up or calibration, just turn it on and you are good to go!

Just like the original PMB, it can hold x2 9v batteries. Which will keep it running for hours and hours on end. A long battery life ensures it will not let you down very often during your paranormal investigations. Obviously the more the device is triggered, the more power will be used from the batteries. Left completely untriggered, it will last for a good 12 hours. You can use the Para4ce PMB POLTERTUNE as a trigger object. Meaning you can use it to communicate with spirits in a basic form. Asking yes and no questions, you can ask the spirits to trigger it if the answer to your question is a yes. Example questions like, trigger the device if you are female, or trigger the device if you used to work here.

How to use the PMB

Put two new 9v batteries in (not included), check it’s switched on with the power switch on the top. Then you can place it down or walk around with it. If any ghosts move in front of it, it will trigger the red light and spooky tune.

What features does it have?

  • It’s very simple to use
  • Offers a 1m – 1.5m detection range
  • You can place it down, or walk around with it
  • No setup or calibration is needed
  • Uses two 9v batteries (not included)
  • Product dimensions (18.5cm x 10cm x 3cm)
  • Weight (284 grams)
  • Made professionally in USA

Ensure the 9v battery is placed in the PMB the correct way with + and – in the right position. If not, it will immediately break the electronic circuitry and will break the instrument. There are no screws for the battery lid. The battery compartment has a hole for a screw; however, no screws are not needed at all.

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    Packing was great, shipping was fast! This is a neat little device I added to my collection and just put it to use this week with positive results. Something about music seems just attractive and universal in the spirit realm! Recommend!

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