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Para4ce Spirit Vibes Vibration Sensor


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The Para4ce Spirit Vibes Vibration Sensor detects vibrations and alerts you with lights and sounds. It’s designed specifically for ghost hunters and detects even the slightest vibrations. There are three sets of lights, x (blue), y (green), z (orange). Each set of lights has a different sensitivity level, orange is extremely sensitive, green is very sensitive and blue is sensitive. The three groups of lights all have different sound tones as well when triggered.

The Para4ce Vibration Sensor gives amazing results for paranormal research, its that sensitive it can even detect the vibrations from sound. It’s usually the orange lights that will be triggered by sound. The green and blue lights will only usually trigger if vibrations are picked up from what its sitting on. Even walking around the Para4ce Spirit Vibes quitly will be picked up. The lights are very bright and the sounds are loud enough to hear from a distance.

How does the Para4ce Spirit Vibes Vibration Sensor work?

The Para4ce Vibration Sensor works by triggering the LED lights and sounds when any vibration, shock, movement or noises occur. No matter how small the vibration, nothing gets past the Para4ce Spirit Vibe. The 3 sets of lights all have different sensitivity levels and it monitors on all 3 axis, x, y and z. The Para4ce Vibration Sensor has a build in audible alarms to notify you as well as the lights when its triggered.

On the back of the Vibration Sensor there is a power switch to turn it on and off, and there is a sensitivity adjustment to alter how sensitive it is. Not many investigators are aware of vibrations sensors, or how useful they are in paranormal investigations. Be one of the first to try out this amazing ghost hunting and paranormal investigation tool. We have tested this and many occasions and it never ceases to amaze in terms of results.

How to use the Para4ce Vibration Sensor

Put a new 9v battery into the underside of the sensor. To turn on the Spirit Vibes press the power switch on the back into the on position. Place the Spirit Vibes down on a flat surface such as a bed, chair, table or the floor. When the Para4ce Vibration Sensor detects an unseen force, or picks up a vibration, the sensor will go off both visually and auditory. You can test the sensitivity level by walking around near it, or by talking next to it. You can use the sensitivity adjustment dial near the power switch to increase or decrease the sensitivity.
The Para4ce Spirit Vibes Vibration Sensor can help you detect spirits and ghost from a different angle. Many times, you can catch activity that is missed using different detection methods. As is has extreme sensitivity its very easy for ghosts to trigger and manipulate.

Para4ce Vibration Sensor features:

  • 3 sets of 6 LED Lights
  • Detects vibrations on x, y, z (triple axis)
  • Extremely Sensitive
  • Detects vibrations, shocks, movement and sound
  • Audible alarm
  • Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Power: 9V battery (not included)
  • Great workmanship (Made in the USA)
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
Using the Vibration Sensor to communicate with Spirits

The Para4ce Spirit Vibes Vibration Sensor can be used for direct spirit communication. Providing there are ghosts or spirits near you and they are willing to communicate using this method. We would advise turning the sensitivity of the sensor up to the maximum, and ask only yes/no questions. Such as, if you are male please trigger the vibration sensor. Or if you died here please trigger the sensor. If it is trigged you would take that as a yes, and if it isn’t you would take that as a no.


There is not supposed to be any screws for the battery lid. The battery compartment comes with a hole for a screw, but no screws are not needed at all. As the Vibration Sensor is extremely sensitive be careful using it outdoors in a windy day, as the wind will keep triggering it and will give you false positives.


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