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The paranormal music box is known as the PMB. It’s a much sought-after ghost hunting tool in the paranormal community, and has even featured on America’s Ghost Adventures. It’s a trigger object which ghosts can use to let you know they are with you. Alerting you via the creepy music box and the red light on the top.

  • Plays earie music with red light
  • Hand built in the UK
  • High quality components
  • Small, compact and portable
  • Works in daylight and at night time

Paranormal Music Box (PMB)

It’s a very unique piece of ghost hunting equipment and definitely stands out. With the red light and the creepy music is does give your paranormal investigation and your video a creepy vibe. We have had many requests to bring this product out and since we have had nothing but good reviews. You will not be disappointed.

Advanced PMB Communication

We have configured the music box to play for 5 seconds once triggered. Which allows you to use it for spirit communication by asking yes or no questions. If it triggers you have a yes, if it doesn’t you have a no. You could ask things like, are you here with us? If the Paranormal Music Box triggers you know you’re not alone!

What makes the PMB tick?

The Paranormal Music Box has an infrared motion sensor on the front which cover 110 degrees. Even the slightest of movement will trigger it. Once triggered the music will play and the red light will come on for 5 seconds. It will detect human and spirit movement up to 8 meters and all directions.

How to use the Paranormal Music Box

1. Ensure you have put a new 9v battery in the PMB
2. Turn on the power switch on the side
3. Point the device in the direction you want to cover
4. It will calibrate once placed down
5. Let the ghost hunting begin!

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1 Review

  1. SJ Paranormal

    I love this PMB is really is neat, it was going off all night on our last investigation