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Our pentagram and broomstick journal with a lock
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Pentagram & broomstick leather embossed journal with lock

Pentagram & Broom Leather Emboss Journal With Lock



Record important notes in this red leather pentagram and broom journal! It’s lockable and made from high-quality red leather. The bronze metal lock keeps it from opening unexpectedly.

This front cover has the embossed pentagram design, with a witches’ broom lent against it. Surrounded with flowers, stems and floral patterns. The elaborate design transcends the bounds of religion, race, creed and geography. The book contains over 100 high-quality pages, with plenty of room for your notes, life’s journey, dreams and thoughts.

Unveil the Secrets

In the realm of journaling, not all notebooks are created equal. The red leather journal is a mystical gem that beckons you to explore its captivating features. Let’s uncover the enchantment it holds within its crimson leather covers.

Bound in Elegance and Mystery

This journal is more than just a notebook; it’s a piece of art. Crafted from high-quality red leather, it exudes sophistication and class. Its smooth texture invites your fingertips to caress its surface as you prepare to unveil its secrets. The bronze metal lock is more than just decor; it’s a guardian of your thoughts. It keeps them safely tucked away until you choose to reveal them.

Embossed Pentagram and Broomstick Design

The front cover of this journal tells a tale of magic and mysticism. An embossed pentagram, a symbol deeply rooted in Wiccan traditions, takes centre stage. Leaning against it is a witches’ broom, a crucial tool of magic and enchantment. Surrounding these iconic symbols are delicate flowers, elegant stems, and intricate floral patterns. The design transcends the boundaries of religion, race, creed, and geography. This design doesn’t just decorate; it enchants.

A Keepsake for Your Thoughts

Within the crimson leather covers lies a treasure trove of creativity and self-expression. With over 100 high-quality pages, this journal offers you ample space to record your notes. Document your life’s journey, pen down your dreams, and capture your most profound thoughts. Whether you’re an avid journaler or someone looking to start a new writing adventure, this journal is your perfect companion.

Top Quality by Nemesis Now

Crafted by Nemesis Now, a name synonymous with quality and artistry, you can trust that this journal is not just a pretty face. Its leather-bound exterior and carefully designed pages are a testament to meticulous craftsmanship.


  • Decorated with a Wiccan Pentagram and a broomstick
  • Striking embossed design.
  • Bronze metal lock
  • Over 100 high-quality pages

Journal Specification

  • Brand: Nemesis Now
  • Material: Leather
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
  • SKU: D1021C4
  • Barcode: 801269094249

Allow the Red Leather Pentagram and Broom Journal to be your confidant, your canvas, and your sanctuary for self-expression. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a budding poet, this journal invites you to embark on a journey of creativity. Unlock its potential and let your thoughts flow freely on its pages. Order yours today and embrace the magic of journaling.

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