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GhostStop Phasm Cam
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Phasm Camera (Night Vision & Full Spectrum)


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The Phasm Cam is undoubtably the best ghost hunting camera on the market. There are no ultraviolet and infrared filters which makes it a full spectrum camera. Allowing you to film in full spectrum and night vision. It about the size of a GoPro and comes with a built-in infrared light. It’s designed for use with the Phasm Light, which we sell separately. But you can use it with any light you prefer.

The Phasm camcorder is a camera ghost hunters have up until recently only dreamed of. Designed specifically for ghost hunters, it’s the perfect ultra high definition 4K full spectrum and night vision camera. For the best experience its best used with the Phasm Light.

Best camcorder for investigations

  • Made especially for ghost hunters!
  • 4K Ultra High Definition resolution
  • Exposure boosting technology for filming in low light
  • Can record in total darkness with its built-in IR light for night vision
  • Connects to the Phasm Light via magnet for more light options
  • Live View via Wi-Fi with your phone or tablet, free downloadable app
  • Plugs into power or USB battery with unlimited power!
  • Includes a wide selection of mounting capabilities
  • Wide-angle lens so you don’t miss a thing
  • Rechargeable and replaceable battery, swap them when needed
  • Take phones, make videos, and watch it back from the built in screen

Many mounting options

You can mount the Phasm Cam to a standard tripod or camera rig. There are a number of standard mount accessories for securely attaching to a camera rig, tripod, bike, helmet or whatever.

NOTE: This camcorder may not be suitable for everyday use such as family gatherings and sporting events as the hardware is specifically designed for optimal night vision resulting in a constant ‘pinkish’ hue in daylight. This listing is for the purchase of Phasm Camera ONLY. Phasm Light can be purchased seperately.


  • Video resolution options:
    • 4K HD (3840 X 2160 @ 30 fps)
    • 2.5K HD (2560×1440 @ 30 fps)
    • 1080p HD (1920×1080 @ 60 or 30 fps)
    • 720p HD (1280×720 @ 60 or 30 fps)
  • Photo Resolution:
    • 20MP (5120×3840)
    • 14MP (4320×3240)
    • 10MP (4216×2376)
    • 8MP (3840×2160)
    • 5MP (2592×1944)
    • 2MP (1920×1080)
  • ISO options: Auto or 100-3200
  • Exposure boost up to +2.0
  • Negative images or colour options including black and white and colour correction
  • View Angle: 170°
  • HDMI Output for Display Output
  • Frequency range: roughly ~200nm (UV) to ~900nm (IR)
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Display Screen: 2.2″ LCD
  • External memory: Micro SD up to 128GB
  • Micro USB Connection
  • Built-in microphone
  • Rechargeable and Detachable Battery
  • Battery Life: about 4 hours to 30 minutes depending on Mode and Settings
  • Extend Battery Life: Camera plugs into USB battery pack or wall outlet for extended life and simultaneous charging while recording.
  • Movie Format: MOV
  • Photo Format: JPG
  • Other options:
    • Loop recording
    • Motion detection
    • Time lapse recording
    • Slow/fast motion
    • Burst photos
    • Self timer
    • Long exposure
    • Metering
    • Language choices: English, spanish, italian, portugese, dutch, french, chinese, japanese, korean
    • Sound on/off

Package Includes

  • Phasm Camcorder
  • Tripod mounts (tripod not included)
  • Battery
  • Assortment of mounts, adhesive mounts, straps and converters
  • USB data and charging cable
  • User guide

Micro SD Card Storage Media

This camera is compatible with up to 128GB capacity microSD card (SD card not included). We recommend a Class 10 speed card to ensure the best quality recording. Anything slower than Class 10 could cause disruptions in recording and a reduction in quality.

Built-In IR Light

The Phasm Cam has a built-in night vision light, which is a very handy feature. The infrared (IR) light is invisible to the naked human eye. The camera can use it to see in the dark at over 20 feet. The infrared light can be used independently of the camera use as its powered separately.

This way you can use the IR light when the Phasm isn’t in use. So, the light can be used for another camera you may have. When the camera is not in use ensure you slide the IR Light Switch back into the OFF position to keep from drawing battery life.

Free Mobile App

Download Links: Apple App Store | Google Play

Using the Phasm Cam app will allow you to view and control the camera from your phone or tablet. The app works on all Apple and Google devices, this allows opens up so many possibilities whilst ghost hunting.

To connect to your mobile app click on the DOWN button on the side of the camera to turn on the WiFi connection. Connect to this WiFi in your phone/tablet settings. Once connected, go into the mobile app and pair with the camera. Once paired, you will be able to view live video and control the camera.

Battery Information

The Phasm camera includes a rechargeable and replaceable battery. Make sure it’s charged up and ready to go before every investigation. The camcorder can be used whilst plugged into a USB battery pack for much longer recording. Ultra-fast 1 hour charging time. The battery life depends on settings used, ranging from 4 hours in Photo Mode, to 1 hour in Video Mode. Battery life will be reduced when using the built-in IR light, and a higher resolution or higher FPS (frames per second).

TIP: If you need more battery life, you can plug this into a USB power supply. It will still work and record while plugged into a charging source.

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