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The Phasm Cam for ghost-hunting
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Ghoststop Phasm Camera

Phasm Camera (Night Vision & Full Spectrum)

£224.99 – £399.16



The Phasm Cam is the best ghost hunting camera available. This camera does not have ultraviolet or infrared filters, allowing it to capture images in full spectrum and night vision modes. It has a compact size, comparable to that of a GoPro, and features a built-in infrared light. Although designed with the separately sold Phasm Light, it can be used with any lighting preference.

Until recently, ghost hunters only imagined a camera like the Phasm Camcorder. Specifically designed for ghost hunting, this ultra-high definition 4K camera is perfect for full spectrum and night vision capture. For optimal results, it is recommended to use the Phasm Light in conjunction with the camera.

The Phasm Cameras Is The Best Camcorder for Investigations

  • 4K Ultra High Definition resolution
  • Exposure boosting technology for filming in low light
  • Made especially for ghost hunters!
  • Connects to the Phasm Light via magnet for more light options
  • Live View via Wi-Fi with your phone or tablet, free downloadable app
  • Can record in total darkness with its built-in IR light for night vision
  • Includes a wide selection of mounting capabilities
  • Wide-angle lens, so you don’t miss a thing
  • Plugs into power or USB battery with unlimited power!
  • Take phones, make videos, and watch them back from the built-in screen
  • Rechargeable and replaceable battery, swap them when needed

Many mounting options

The Phasm Cam can be easily mounted on a standard tripod or camera rig. Various standard mount accessories are available to ensure secure attachment to camera rigs, tripods, bikes, helmets, and other objects.

Please note that this camera is not recommended for everyday use, such as capturing family gatherings or sporting events, as the hardware is optimized for night vision, resulting in a constant pinkish hue in daylight conditions. This listing is solely for purchasing the Phasm Camera; the Phasm Light can be purchased separately.



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