Phasm Light Ghost Stop
Phasm Light Ghost Hunting
phasm light all colours infrared full spectrum
phasm light full spectrum
Phasm Light Ghost Stop
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Phasm Light Full Spectrum


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The Phasm Light is the BEST light for paranormal investigators. It was designed SPECIFICALLY for ghost hunters. ONE light to replace them ALL.

Infinite colour options!

It gives all lighting options in one. You just want infrared? It does that. You just want ultraviolet? It does that. You want standard white light? It does that. You want red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow? It does that. You want full spectrum? Guess what, it does that too! Long gone are the times where you need to take several different lights out with you on every investigation. Having 4 different lights and having to ensure they are all charged, and forever swapping and switches to different lights. This is the ONLY one you need! It can do anything, anytime, anywhere.

Phasm Light – Adjustable brightness

Regardless of which colour mode you are in, you can change the brightness. All the way from barely visible all the way up to super bright. Its wide angle as well which allows it to fill a room. And not just cover one spot. You can have it down low when indoors in corridors and small rooms. And you can turn it up to the max if your underground or outdoors when its pitch black. Regardless of the situation, the Phasm is flexible enough to cover any environment.

Limitless mounting options

Most lights come with a 1/4″ thread, or a hot shoe mount. The Phasm Light comes with built in magnets on every edge. So, it will stick to anything metal. Including your camera, phone rig, or even more lights! There’s a 1/4″ thread on the bottom too to give greater flexibility. With the ¼” thread you can mount this to many things such as your camera or a tripod. And with the magnets on each side, you can connect 2, 3, 4 or more Phasm Lights together as well. This gives you more flexibility than you have with any other light. The magnets on all 4 sides is a new and creative idea that works very well.

Phasm Light: All the control you need

All the controls for everything are on the back. Which makes it very easy to use and change settings on whilst in use. There is an LCD screen which gives you plenty of information like battery life remaining. Which colour mode it’s in, and the brightness level. No more messing around switching lights, or trying to find and see brightness adjustment in the dark. All the controls are in one place, on the back where you can see and adjust everything without it affecting your filming. Every aspect of the Phasm has been well thought about, and it’s a perfect piece of equipment which we highly recommend if you’re a serious ghost hunter!

Built in rechargeable battery

Sick and tired of buying battery’s every investigation? With the Phasm Light the battery is built in, and it comes with a USB-C power charger cable to charge it. Which means you can run it from a USB power bank as well for extra-long battery life. As paranormal investigators we often film for hours at a time. We need lights that keep on going! This light will solve those problems. The battery life will last hours on maxiumum brightness. And if your only running at 40-50% it will last much longer than that! If you have a USB power bank

Flexible lighting options

  • Ultraviolet only
  • Infrared only (night vision)
  • White only
  • Red only
  • Green only
  • Blue only
  • Yellow only
  • Orange only
  • Full spectrum (all lights at once)
  • Plus, any combination of the above!

Phasm Light Controls (located on the back)

  • Power – on/off
  • Infrared – on/off
  • Ultraviolet – on/off
  • Colour selector – slider switch
  • Brightness – slider switch

LED Display Screen (on the back)

  • Ultraviolet (status)
  • Infrared (status)
  • Colour selected (status)
  • Brightness level (0-100%)
  • Battery level
  • Charging indicator

Our Review

This was built by paranormal investigators for paranormal investigators. You can tell years’ worth of experience has gone into the design of this product. It is, hands down, the best light for ghost hunters. It’s so flexible and versatile ad can be used for any situation. It can be attached to just about anything with the built-in magnets. And it has so many lighting options such as the infrared, ultraviolet, full spectrum, and all the colours in-between. If you want the best, this is it.

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    I was quite surprised by this light very effective

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