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The Phasm Full Spectrum Light is one of the best pieces of lighting equipment for paranormal investigators. It is designed to give all ghost hunters the best full-spectrum lighting.

Infinite Colours

The Phasm Light Full Spectrum was designed by ghost hunters to provide all lighting options in one single handy device. Do you just want to use infrared light for ghost hunting, or ultraviolet light for ghost hunting? This device can give you either. Or maybe you simply need standard white lighting to illuminate the space? This handy device does that also. It also comes with blue, red, green, purple orange and yellow light, alongside full-spectrum lighting, to fulfil all your lighting needs throughout your paranormal investigation.

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Say goodbye to the days when you would have to cart around multiple different lights to use throughout your investigation, with the Phasm Light Full Spectrum, you can have all of them in one single device. You don’t need to worry about providing multiple power sources for the different lights, or unplugging one light to plug another light you need to use. Use only one light for all of your needs.

The Phasm Full Spectrum Light Comes With Adjustable Brightness

The brightness can be easily changed and altered on the Phasm Full Spectrum Light for any need on your ghost hunting investigation. The wide-angle of the light allows you to cover full areas and fill whole rooms or large areas. The Phasm is completely flexible and can be used in all environments.

New Magnet Mounting Technology

Most lamps come with a simple 1/4” thread or a hot shoe mount, but The Phasm Light for ghost hunting comes with multiple magnets built into the device around every edge. This means that it will stick to anything metal, which can include your camera rig, tripod, or attach it to more lights.

The Phasm also comes with a 1/4” thread on the bottom of the device to give you greater flexibility in mounting options. You can use this to securely attach the Phasm to your tripod or other camera-mounting gear. You can even use the magnets to connect the Phasm to other lights, attaching as many as you require together to illuminate a much larger area.

Easy to Use Controls

The Phasm Light Full Spectrum comes with all the controls to use the device placed usefully on the back. You can easily use and change the settings on the device whilst it is on and in use, perfect for if you come across something unexpected in your paranormal investigation.

The Phasm Light for ghost hunting also comes with a handy LCD screen that shows you plenty of information, including how much battery life is remaining, which colour mode it is currently on, and the brightness level. This feature gives you the ability to change and adjust all the settings at the same time, rather than having to pause your investigation for a prolonged period.

Rechargeable Battery Built-In

The Phasm Light Full Spectrum comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, meaning you won’t have to carry an excess of batteries with you at all times. It comes with a USB-C power charger cable to charge it, meaning you can easily attach it to a USB power bank and run it through that for extra-long battery life.

It is common that your paranormal investigation will go on for many hours, making this an extremely valuable feature and one that could potentially save you missing any paranormal encounters due to lack of light. Once fully charged, the light will last for hours.

Choose from a range of lighting options, including:

  • Ultraviolet
  • Infrared (night vision)
  • White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Full-spectrum (all lights at once)
  • Plus, any combination of the above

Phasm Light Controls (located on the back)

  • Power – on/off
  • Infrared – on/off
  • Ultraviolet – on/off
  • Colour selector – slider switch
  • Brightness – slider switch

LED Display Screen (on the back)

  • Ultraviolet (status)
  • Infrared (status)
  • Colour selected (status)
  • Brightness level (0-100%)
  • Battery level
  • Charging indicator

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