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Powered by witches pentagram wall hanging decoration
A close up of the witches pentagram
The hanging witches decoration hung on a small indoor tree
A close up of the wall hanging decoration on a little indoor tree
Powered by witchcraft pentagram hanging ornament

Powered by Witchcraft Hanging Ornament Pentagram




This product is the pentagram hanging ornament “Powered by Witchcraft”. The words are written on the black decoration with silver writing made from the finest resin. This witchcraft-inspired home décor piece is a must-have for any witch or gothic collector. The circle’s centre is a pentagram representing the five elements: air, fire, water, earth and spirit.

Elevate your space with mystical charm

We are introducing our witchcraft pentagram hanging ornament. It’s a captivating piece of home décor that seamlessly blends the mystical with the aesthetic—crafted for those who embrace the path of witchcraft or have an affinity for the gothic. This ornament is a striking addition to any space.

A statement of magic

The ornament features the powerful words “Powered by Witchcraft” elegantly scripted in silver upon a black backdrop. Crafted from the finest resin, this enchanting piece is more than just an ornament. It’s a declaration of your magical spirit. Hang it proudly in your home to inspire and intrigue all who behold it.

The sacred pentagram

At its core lies the sacred pentagram. It’s a timeless symbol representing the five elements: air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. Each point of the pentagram embodies an element, creating a harmonious union of elemental energies. Display this ornament as a tribute to the forces of nature and the mysteries of the occult.

Unveil your unique style

With a compact width of 7 cm, this hanging ornament is the perfect size to adorn your altar, window, or any space that craves a touch of mysticism. Its unique design and profound message make it an ideal gift for fellow witches. Or for gothic enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates the allure of the unknown.

Crafted with precision

Our powered by witches pentagram wall hanging ornament is a testament to witches. Made with the utmost attention to detail, it exudes quality and durability. The resin construction ensures longevity, while the exquisite silver lettering adds an air of mystique.



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