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Purple Book of Spells Keyring

12x Purple Witches Grimoire Book of Spells Keyring




This tiny witch’s book of spells keyring is ideal for cursing all those who have wronged you whilst you are out and about. The purple book has a pentagram on it in white, surrounded by sigils on the front cover. It comes in a pack of twelve, enough for you and each person in your coven!

Introduction to the Spell Book Keyring

This Witch’s Spell Book Keyring is a perfect accessory for those who find magic in the mundane. It’s designed to add charisma to your everyday life; this tiny witch’s grimoire is a keyring and a symbol of your affinity with the mystical arts. Whether you’re a practising witch or an admirer of the occult, this keyring will surely be a conversation starter.

Mystical Design and Craftsmanship

The keyring features a miniature book of spells rendered in a striking purple hue, symbolizing wisdom, spirituality, and magic. The white pentagram, a universal symbol of witchcraft, sits prominently on the cover, surrounded by intricately designed sigils. Each detail is hand-painted, showcasing the craftsmanship and care of creating each piece.

High-Quality Materials

Crafted from high-quality resin, these keyrings are aesthetically pleasing and durable. The resin material ensures that the keyring can withstand the wear and tear of daily use, making it an ideal accessory for the modern witch or wizard on the go.

Perfect for Covens and Collectors

We sell it in a pack of twelve, these keyrings are perfect for sharing with your coven members or fellow occult enthusiasts. Whether given as a gift or used as a token of unity among your group, these keyrings are a unique way to celebrate your shared interest in the mystical arts.


  • Purple Witches’ grimoire book of spells keyrings
  • Made from high-quality resin
  • Stunningly hand-painted
  • It comes in a pack of 12

Keyring Specification

  • Manufacturer: Nemesis Now
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Weight: 0.46 kg
  • Size: 4.5 cm
  • SKU: U5508T1
  • Barcode: 801269142469



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