Rechargeable LED video light for cameras and phone rigs
LED dimmable video camera light with filters
Rechargeable LED video light for cameras and phone rigs

Rechargable LED Video Camera and Phone Light


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Lighting is everything when trying to capture and record paranormal activity. This LED Video Camera and Phone Light will ensure you get the best recordings possible on your paranormal investigation.

What Does It Do?

The LED Video Camera and Phone Light is one of the best portable lights for ghost hunting and paranormal investigating. This LED light is loved by ghost hunters, and is highly versatile and easy to use. This LED Video Camera and Phone Light is rechargeable, easily dimmable and can be turned on and off with ease. Being able to use it with rechargeable batteries means never having to carry around a load of spare batteries, taking up space.

This LED Video Camera and Phone Light is very bright when it’s on the maximum setting, and will be able to light any environment indoors and out. It can also be used while attached to a USB battery pack which would recharge it as you use it, meaning it can last a very long time.

This Rechargeable LED Video Camera Light for ghost hunting is versatile and benefits from two separate mounts, a hot shoe mount and a 1/4” screw hole on the bottom of the device. The light has both an orange and a white filter for different settings, making it ideal for paranormal investigators as it is an essential piece of equipment.

Main Features:

  • White and Yellow magnetic filters which can be easily swapped
  • Can change filters depending on the mood
  • 3x Power sources to choose from – BP-4L, AA Batteries or USB
  • Dimmable light, meaning you can increase or decrease brightness
  • Power switch to turn light on/off
  • Small and portable
  • Easy to fit into your pocket and carry around
  • Bright enough to flood a field
  • Can be mounted with either a 1/4” screw or hot shoe

How Does it Work?

Having good lighting is absolutely key throughout a paranormal investigation if you want to be able to capture good quality video and be able to watch it back and see what was going on. This Rechargeable LED Light is the perfect piece of equipment for ensuring you get good footage of your investigation, whether you’re using a camera or your phone.

It is small and lightweight, meaning it is easily portable to carry around with you and to take from one paranormal investigation to the next, but it is also extremely bright and high-powered. One of the best features of this LED Light for ghost hunting is it’s dimmable feature, meaning you are able to make it dimmer and save battery, being able to use it for a much longer time. This suits you especially well if you are conducting your paranormal investigation in a small inside area. If you are in a large outdoor area, having this LED Light for ghost hunting on high will literally flood a field as it is so high powered.

The hot shoe mount means you are able to attach this LED Video light to any piece of camera or video equipment or phone stabilizer rigs. You are even able to swap the white and organ filters around as they are magnetic, giving whatever vibe to your video that you choose.

  • Light Source: 96 LED beads
  • Luminance Angle: 120°
  • Colour Temperature: 3200K/5500K
  • Colour Rendering Index: >93
  • Output Power: 11w
  • Lumen: 860lm
  • Average Service Life: 50000H
  • Size: 70mm x 30mm x 100mm
  • Weight: 120g
How To Use Them:

Depending on whether you are conducting your paranormal investigation indoors or outdoors, you may want to purchase multiple Rechargeable LED Video Camera Lights. If you are investigating a whole house, for example, you may want to purchase multiple LED Lights and set one up in each room. Furthermore, if you are trying to light an extremely large outdoor area very well, then you may choose to purchase multiple LED Lights so that you can be sure you have covered the whole area.

If you are using recording equipment for your paranormal investigation, these LED Lights will ensure you are able to capture paranormal activity at the highest quality. It can occasionally be difficult to see paranormal activity throughout an investigation, but upon later inspection of video or audio recordings, you may notice something that you did not at the time of recording. These LED Lights for ghost hunting will ensure your video recordings are well lit, meaning you will get more conclusive evidence from your paranormal investgation.

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  1. Erica P. Wolfe

    It’s a powerful little light and fits straight on my camera, I will be coming back to see what else I can pick up next payday.