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Deep red light torch paranormal equipment
Dark red light led ghost hunting equipment
Red light for ghost hunting led flashlight
Red light led ghost hunting equipment

Red Light for Ghost Hunting



The SpiritShack Red Light for Ghost Hunting allows you to maintain a dark and eery environment throughout your paranormal investigation.

What does the red light do?

This SpiritShack Red Light for Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigations is a key piece of equipment for any paranormal investigation. With this red light, you can clearly see throughout your paranormal investigation, even when it is conducted in the dark, whilst keeping the room dark and not disrupting any other equipment. It’s the most economically viable way to light your investigation, and is the next best thing to Infrared Night Vision.

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With the Red Light for Ghost Hunting, you can maintain a dark and creepy feel throughout your paranormal investigation. This is an added benefit if you are filming your investigation for your Facebook or YouTube channel. This is because demonic colours are known throughout the paranormal investigation community as red or black, meaning this device will give a great atmosphere if you are trying to communicate with a negative entity, a spirit or a ghost.

The Red Light for Ghost Hunting is powerful enough to produce visible light, which helps most cameras without night vision capability, meaning they can get and record a great image of the environment whilst maintaining a low light and the creepy atmosphere.


  • Lights distances of over 60 feet (depending on the camera specifications)
  • The power is long-lasting, and lasts over 10 hours on a single battery
  • The light is both hot shoe and tripod mountable
  • Compromised of 4 separate and powerful LED lights
  • The rear battery compartment is exposed for quick and easy battery replacement
  • Small, light and easily transportable
  • Gives off an incredibly bright deep red light perfect for ghost hunting
  • Can fit into your pocket to carry around throughout a paranormal investigation

How does the red light work?

Despite its small and compact size, we have been informed time and time again that this SpiritShack Deep Red Light for Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigations is powerful and can stretch to very far distances.

The light is compromised of 4 separate and incredibly bright LED lights, and has an easily accessible on/off switch located on the side of the device. This light is powerful enough to produce enough light to help most cameras even when they do not have any night vision capabilities. The deep red shade of the light will allow you to get a great picture of the surroundings with any camera that you are using, whilst maintaining the integrity of the investigation with low light. If you are using a camera which does not have the option of night vision or full-spectrum capabilities, then this is the Red Light for you.

The Red Light has a long battery life, which will benefit you greatly because paranormal investigations usually tend to go on for a long while, sometimes many hours at a time. Feel confident that this Red Light will last the duration of your paranormal investigation, or simply carry some extra 9V batteries around with you to quickly switch them over if you need!


  • Requires 1x 9V battery (not included)
  • 28 g Weight (with no battery)
  • Size: 3.25 x 1.75 x 2 inches

How to use the red light

The SpiritShack Red Light for Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigations is a great piece of equipment for illuminating any environment vividly, whilst maintaining a dark and creepy environment, perfect for any Facebook or YouTube recordings. It will not over-light the area, which can be a common problem.

If you are working across an incredibly large area throughout your paranormal investigation, or simply an area compromised of multiple rooms, it is highly recommended that you purchase multiple Red Lights to place in multiple rooms. Alternatively, if the area that you are working in is incredibly large and open plan, purchasing two separate ghost-hunting Red Lights will do the trick. Simply load each red light up with batteries, and place them back to ensure you are covering the widest area possible.

Our recommendation is to purchase 4 of these Red Lights. This will ensure you are covering all of your bases, no matter the size or layout of the area of your paranormal investigation. If you opt for this option, simply load all 4 devices up with batteries, and place them in all corners of a room, facing inwards. If you are recording the investigation and have multiple cameras, place the cameras around the area next to the lights, as this will ensure you capture the most activity with the best lighting.

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    Great light! I had doubts when I first opened up the package and saw how small the light is. When I turned it on I was amazed. This small but powerful light allowed me to cover an entire 100 seat lecture hall no problem. Definitely recommend buying this light!

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