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Ghost Detector Rook EMF Meter

Rook Meter with Sound




The Rook EMF Meter is the best Ghost Detector on the market. It was built by ghost hunters for ghost hunters.

The Rook has combined all the bad points of other leading EMF Meters on the market. It is a masterpiece unit built by ghost hunters for ghost hunters. Many other EMF Meters on the market have a multitude of downsides, such as; being too sensitive or not sensitive enough, switching off automatically after a certain amount of time left idle, either sound OR lights, can’t see where the on/off switch is to power it up or down in the dark.

This EMF Meter has combined all of these negatives to create a truly perfect product. It combines all the most important elements of EMF Meters within this superior product. This Rook EMF Meter cuts out interference from man-made electromagnetic frequencies, ensuring that if you get a reading, it is most likely from a paranormal source. This makes the evidence gathered throughout a paranormal investigation much more conclusive than with previous meters.

What Does The Rook Do?

This Rook Ghost Detector combines highly precise EMF technology with a sturdy black matte design. It comes with both audio and visual, and alerts you of any energy changes in electromagnetic energy if you are not consistently watching the device.

The Rook EMF Meter is a very sensitive electromagnetic field meter which will detect any change in the electromagnetic energy within an environment. The Rook EMF Detector comes with a built-in proximity sensor, allowing you to accurately track down the source of the energies you are picking up when using the device. This is clearly shown by the device flashing more when it is closer to the EMF energy.

Rook EMF Meter Features:

  • Strong design with hard material making it long-lasting
  • Easy-grip matte finish
  • Comes with hot shoe thread for mounting it directly on a tripod
  • Battery compartment is easily accessible
  • EMF sensor with lights surrounding the meter
  • Works visually with lights and audibly with sound
  • Varying sound alarm dependent on proximity and strength of EMF detected
  • Extremely sensitive
  • Will detect even the smallest change in the environment
  • High-quality and will not give false readings
  • Will detect both man-made and naturally occurring electromagnetic fields
  • Built for a comfortable grip with textured material
  • Night vision filming is preserved through the use of red lights
  • Power switch is lit, so it is easy to see in the dark and light
  • Stands upright by itself for 360-degree viewing
  • Ability to leave it on the table or floor and move away
  • Easily portable to walk throughout an area while carrying
  • Tripod mountable for flexibility
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Accessible battery to replace with ease



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  1. Rating

    Billy Thompson

    I took this out on a couple of investigations and love it! It’s awesome looking and my team members planning on getting them too

  2. Rating

    Seeking paranormal

    Love it easy and easy.

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