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Round Tree of Life Celtic Trinket Box 2
Round Tree of Life Celtic Trinket Box

Round Tree of Life Celtic Trinket Box 10 cm




Store your most precious belongings in this round Tree Of Life trinket box. Designed by the alternative brand Nemesis Now and part of their giftware collection. The life tree is on the lid, symbolizing the connectivity between humans, earth and nature. Around the edges of the box is a range of Celtic knots and patterns. It’s made from high-quality Polyresin and is hand-painted in metallic bronze. This product is perfect for a Wiccan or pagan household.

The Essence of Nature and Spirituality

The Tree of Life Celtic Trinket Box is a masterful blend of elegance and symbolism. This little box is designed by Nemesis Now, an alternative brand, featuring the iconic life tree on its lid. This symbol is deeply rooted in many cultures and mythologies. It represents the links between of all life forms, linking the heavens, earth, and underworld. It means growth, rebirth, and the cyclic nature of life. Furthermore, it makes this box not just a storage item, but also a piece of spiritual importance.

Craftsmanship and Material

Crafted from premium Polyresin, the trinket box stands out with its lovely art and delicate texture. The material choice ensures that the intricate details of the design are captured with precision. Each box is hand-painted in a striking metallic bronze finish, giving it an antique, elegant, eye-catching, and tasteful appearance. The hand-painting process adds a unique touch to each piece, making it an exceptional addition to any collection.

Celtic Knots and Patterns

Surrounding the life tree are intricate Celtic knots and patterns, skilfully etched into the Polyresin. These knots symbolize the rich Celtic heritage, symbolizing eternal life and endless love, as they have no beginning and end. They weave around the box, adding depth and historical significance to its design. This artistic fusion of Celtic motifs with the life tree creates a harmonious blend of different cultural elements.



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