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The inside of the sacred Ouija board style jewellery box
Our talking board themed trinket box
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Sacred Ouija board themed jewellery box with a black background

Sacred Ouija Board Themed Jewellery Box 25 cm




This product is the Ouija board jewellery box with a spirit board design. Unlike most talking board-themed products, this comes in a tattered-looking white, with aged-looking decoration in black. It makes this mystical box look old and aged. And it adds to the appearance of this beautiful piece. It’s made from good-quality MDF. Inside, there are jewellery compartments and a mirror. The edges have an intricate baroque pattern. And it featured everything you would expect to find on the board. Such as the alphabet, numbers 0-9, yes, no and goodbye. You will see the sun, moon and planchettes in the corners. This product is a perfect little storage box for a loved one.

Crafted to perfection

Crafted from high-quality MDF, this jewellery box is visually captivating and built to last. Its interior is thoughtfully designed with compartments to keep your precious jewellery organized and safe. A mirror inside adds to its functionality, making it an ideal storage solution for your cherished pieces.

Intricate details

The edges of this enchanting box feature an intricate baroque pattern. The styling adds an extra layer of elegance to its design. But what truly sets it apart is the detailed Ouija board-themed decoration on the lid. You’ll find everything you’d expect on a spirit board. Including the alphabet and numbers 0-9 to the essential “yes,” “no,” and “goodbye” indicators. The sun, moon, and planchettes are artfully depicted in each corner, enhancing the mystical ambience.

A thoughtful gift

Whether you’re a collector of the mystical or seeking a unique gift for a loved one, this box is a perfect choice. It’s designed by the creative powerhouse Nemesis Now. And it combines spaciousness, style, and usage in one bewitching package. With a width of 25 cm, it offers ample space for your jewellery collection. And it doubles up as an enchanting decorative piece.



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    It’s a good size great value for money and the appearance is better than expected.

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