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Salem's Spell Kit in Decorated Box 6
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Salem's Spell Kit in Decorated Box

Salem’s Spell Kit in Decorated Box


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The Salem’s Witches Spell Kit is in a well-presented box with instructions. This kit is the key to your wellness, with six gemstones with magical properties. The box states, “Wellness Witch Stones, For Guidance and Knowledge”.

Once the cover is opened, you are graced with the six stones: Agate, Rose Quartz, Unakite, Yellow Aventurine, Aventurine Light and Brazil Agate. Each of these precious gems has different magical properties. It comes with an instruction book to help you reveal hidden knowledge.

A Magical Journey

Salem’s Witches Spell Kit is not just a collection of gemstones. It’s a gateway to enhancing your spiritual well-being. Enclosed in a beautifully decorated box that beckons with the promise of “Wellness Witch Stones, For Guidance and Knowledge.” This kit is a treasure trove for those seeking to tap into the mystical energies of the Earth.

Six Gemstones, Six Paths to Enchantment

Upon opening the box, you’re greeted by six captivating gemstones with unique magical properties. The kit includes:

  1. Agate: Known for its grounding and stabilizing influence.
  2. Rose Quartz: The stone of universal love, promoting love, self-love, friendship, and deep inner healing.
  3. Unakite: Fosters healthy relationships through balanced emotions.
  4. Yellow Aventurine: Great for opening and balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra, inviting many positive energies.
  5. Aventurine Light: Known to bring luck, abundance, and success.
  6. Brazil Agate: Offers emotional, physical, and intellectual balance.

Empowerment at Your Fingertips

Each gemstone in this kit carries a distinct power, ready to aid you in your spiritual journey. The kit comes with an instructional book and a guide to help you unlock the hidden knowledge and harness the energies of these precious stones for your personal growth and wellness.


  • Precious gemstones for spiritual Well-being
  • The set includes six stones
  • Presented in a fancy display box
  • Descriptions for each of the stone’s powers

Spell Kit Specification

  • Brand: Nemesis Now
  • Material: Gemstones
  • Weight: 0.14 kg
  • SKU: D5091R0
  • Barcode: 801269137861

Salem’s Spell Kit is more than just a collection of stones. It’s a journey into the heart of wellness and spiritual discovery. Whether you are new to the path of witchcraft and wellness or a seasoned practitioner, this kit offers a touch of magic, guidance, and knowledge. The products are beautifully encased in a box that speaks of mysteries waiting for you to unravel.

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