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S-BOX spirit box AM FM radio ghost hunting equipment

SBox SpiritBox FM/AM Scanner



The SBox is a Spirit Box AND EVP Recorder, making it a versatile, amazing addition to your ghost hunting equipment.

This SBox is the best on the market, it is a combined Spirit Box and EVP Recorder. It is incredibly high-quality and is compromised of some fantastic features which make it one of the best ghost-hunting spirit boxes out there. It is widely regarded as better than both the P-SB7 and the P-SB11, due to the speaker being louder and no external speaker equipment being required to use it.

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What does the SBox do?

This piece of equipment was built by ghost hunters for ghost hunters, and has improved upon previous SBox models to encompass a range of impressive features. This SBox has received various updates and tweaks since its initial release, and has been built with the most recent technology.

With this SBox Ghost Scanner, you can scan in both AM and FM, and can choose either a forwards or backwards sweep. These sweeps generate white noise from existing FM and AM bands. These radio frequencies are becoming known to possibly provide paranormal entities with the energy they need to communicate. When you use this S-Box, you may pick up voices or sounds which are travelling through the static. This could be a paranormal entity attempting to communicate with you.

This SBox ghost scanner has been tested thoroughly, and has bought back some simply astonishing results. It is the key piece of equipment to any ghost investigation. We always recommend this one over the P-SB7 (previously regarded as the best), and our customers are never disappointed.


  • FM/AM radio sweep + spike detect
  • Record radio sweep and EVP audio.
  • Ability to playback findings through a powerful inbuilt speaker
  • Speaker is loud & amplified (10x power)
  • Sweep speed control is adjustable
  • Sweep direction is adjustable (forwards or backwards)
  • High-quality battery is rechargeable and lasts a long time
  • Display is backlit
  • Built-in torch feature
  • Can be used as a wireless speaker with Bluetooth connection

How does it work?

Research in ghost-hunting has revealed that paranormal entities will use AM and FM to communicate. With this S-Box Ghost Scanner, you can scan in both AM and FM, and can choose either a forwards or backwards sweep. This picks up paranormal activity such as noises or voices. It will detect if something is attempting to communicate and will pause on that frequency to capture messages that are coming through. Through this method, your SBox will allow you to capture whole phrases or sentences, making it an astonishing device for communicating with paranormal energies.

Use it to record EVP’s and the entirety of your spirit box session, as the S-Box has a built-in recorder. You can plug it into your computer in order to both charge it and also transfer your recording files off. This gives you the ability to listen to the recordings in more high-quality. But, this SBox is an all-in-one unit which is compromised of a high-powered speaker, meaning no external speaker equipment is needed.


  1. Battery is rechargeable and replaceable
  2. 3-Watt (3,000mW) amplified speaker built-in (10x the power than other popular spirit boxes)
  3. FM scan range: 87.5 – 108.0
  4. AM scan range: 552 – 1710
  5. 4 speeds of sweep speed control
  6. Red backlit LCD for nighttime use
  7. Scratch-resistant outer coating
  8. Precise volume control wheel
  9. Micro SD card slot for recording and playback (32 GB max)
  10. White LED torch
  11. Headphone port
  12. USB data port for file transfer and sharing of files
  13. USB charging port & charging cables included
  14. Extendable antenna from 4 to 15 inches
  15. Wrist strap with connected strand

How to use it

You can record your SBox sessions on the device. This allows for playback from the built-in high-quality speaker. You can also record regular EVP audio without it sweeping the AM and FM channels. Whichever option you pick, the device records directly to an SD card, which is available as an add-on. The SD card can then be taken out of the S-Box ghost scanner, and put into an SD reader and connected to your laptop.

The high-quality rechargeable battery on the S-Box Spirit Box lasts for 6 hours with a single charge. It can be recharged using any USB charger, or even a portable charger. This makes it easy to use and transport, and saves you money buying multiple sets of batteries like other S-Boxes require.

The speaker and headphone port means you can instantly listen back to recordings. The addition to this model of the headphone port allows you to hear high-quality to recordings as soon as you capture them, streamlining the S-Box process. This allows you to be discreet if you’re working with other ghost-hunters. Furthermore, this device can. Be used as a Bluetooth speaker.

The LDC display is high-quality and easy to use. The screen displays battery life and status of the device. The built-in torch is easy to turn on if you ever need to see quickly and clearly.

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  1. Rating

    Jennifer Carter

    The SBox works for me, and I am very chuffed. I can plug it into the computer and I can review the sessions without difficulty. What I really find impressive is the customer service, I contacted SpiritShack with multiple questions, they responded very quickly and give you straight answers. This is to me, very important. I would leave six stars if I could.

  2. Rating

    Sally D.

    This works really well. I’m still learning to use it & to be able to get the most from it. But so far really pleased..

  3. Rating

    Haven Raby

    My fiancΓ©e bought me one as an early birthday present, and I got some good responses from it. 10/10

  4. Rating

    Bradley Arnold

    Works well

  5. Rating

    Shane Ritchie

    Would 100% order again. Ordered about 8pm Monday night, delivered at 10am Wednesday. Great service and a great product, thanks guys.

  6. Rating

    Stewart Durbridge

    Very pleased with Xbox we are thinking of getting a second one for the team and delivery was fast and prompt great company to deal with thank you

  7. Rating


    Excellent piece of kit! Worked wonders! Cheers!

  8. Rating

    Ian Wilce

    Excellent service, ordered Thursday late afternoon, the item arrived Saturday morning, I know where I will be buying in the future

  9. Rating


    Great service πŸ‘ superfast delivery, will shop again.

  10. Rating

    Carl Olson

    Very impressed

  11. Rating


    Brilliant had some great communication during investigations.

  12. Rating


    Quick delivery, would buy from them again.

  13. Rating

    Sharon Fleming

    Absolutely πŸ’― brilliant service and equipment, definitely would recommend to my friends and family πŸ’―πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

  14. Rating

    Peter Sly

    Brilliant, really easy to use

  15. Rating


    decent for a first time ghost hunter

  16. Rating

    Melissa H.

    I ordered the SBox Spirit Box for a Birthday present on Sunday evening (23/07/23) and it got delivered on Tuesday (25/07/23). I was very impressed with how quick the delivery was and how it was packaged. Will definitely be ordering from Spirit Shack again to build up our paranormal equipment! Thank you so much! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘»

  17. Rating

    James Barden

    Awesome service and website. Such an easy buying experience and amazingly fast delivery. Highly recommend using these guys….

  18. Rating

    Anthony Treacy, derby

    Very fast delivery, great friendly communication, recommended for your paranormal equipment.

  19. Rating

    Anthony Treacy, derby

    Very fast delivery, great friendly communication, recommended for your paranormal equipment. πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»

  20. Rating

    Kay Cannon

    Superfast delivery and great product.

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