SLS Camera Pro for Android and IOS
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SLS Camera Pro for Android and IOS


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The SpiritShack SLS Camera Pro can detect humanoid shapes in your environment. It’s similar to how the Kinect SLS camera works.

The SLS Camera applications complex algorithm uses shape, colour and depth detection to pick up people and people shaped objects. It has great success and accuracy and it able to outperform the Kinect based SLS Camera.

It has been designed specifically for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators and is a very valuable and useful tool for ghost hunting and tracking spirits.

It’s a cost effective SLS Ghost tracking system, many Kinect cameras can cost hundreds of pounds.

For more ghost hunting tools, check out our other apps such as Necrophone and DeadBox.

There are no popup ads, and its a small upfront cost. There are no renewal fees either.

Using your Apple device, this app will allow you to quickly scan for human shapes or figures. The SLS Camera Pro works as an SLS Emulator, using our advanced tracking software and your devices hardware. Saving you money from not having to buy an expensive camera.

You can take photos and record videos from within the app, to ensure you catch any evidence.

SLS Camera Pro Features

+ Track humanoid shapes in real time
+ Take photos from within the app
+ Take videos from within the app
+ View photos and videos taken from the app
+ Change overlay colours, red, blue, green, purple and more
+ Turn the camera light on and off
+ Switch between front and rear camera

If things get a little to creepy, we recommend turning on your lights and taking a break from the app 🙂

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