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SLS Camera Pro for Android and IOS

SLS Camera Pro (Android & IOS App)



The SpiritShack SLS Camera Pro is a cost-effective solution for tracking and detecting humanoid shapes in your surroundings. This mobile phone camera app operates similarly to the Kinect SLS camera, but is much more affordable and convenient.

The SLS Camera Pro’s advanced algorithm utilizes shape, colour, and depth detection to identify human-shaped figures and objects. Its accuracy is impressive, outperforming even the Kinect based SLS camera.

Designed Specifically for Ghost-Hunting Purposes

This tool is specifically designed for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. It proves to be an invaluable asset for tracking and monitoring spirits.

Compared to the expensive Kinect cameras that can cost hundreds of pounds, the SLS Camera Pro is a budget-friendly and effective SLS ghost tracking system.

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Explore more ghost hunting tools by trying our other applications like Necrophone and DeadBox. Our app does not include intrusive pop-up ads, and it requires only a one-time payment without recurring fees.

With SLS Camera Pro, your Apple device can quickly scan for human-like shapes and figures. Our app works as an SLS emulator, utilizing advanced tracking software and your device’s hardware to give you a cost-effective alternative to expensive cameras.

You can capture potential evidence by taking photos and recording videos within the app.

SLS Camera Pro Features

  • Real-time tracking of humanoid shapes
  • In-app photo and video capture
  • Access and share photos and videos taken within the app
  • Customize overlay colours including red, blue, green, purple, and more
  • Toggle camera flash on and off
  • Switch between front and rear-facing camera

How To Use Our SLS Camera Pro App

Open the app and walk around your environment looking for ghosts, which will appear as a skeletal figure. Once it picks something up, you can ask the spirit to sidestep to the left or right or move its arms. It might confirm that it is indeed a ghost if it carried out your request. If you are not picking anything else, you can ask out and ask the spirits to appear. Or you can take a short break and try again later.

It’s always important to be polite and respectful to any spirits, even negative ones. They are more likely to respond to you if you treat them in a friendly manner. Being friendly will also reduce the chances of any negative consequences.

IMPORTANT: If the app gets a little too scary for you, we recommend turning on your lights and taking a break from the app 🙂

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