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SpiritShack Spirit Pod X1S
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SpiritShack SpiritPod X1S for Ghost Hunting
SpiritPod X1S for Ghost Hunters
SpiritShack SpiritPod X1S

SpiritPod X1S



Get the SpiritPod X1S to assist you in your paranormal investigation. Due to its light indicators and no alarm, it won’t interfere with your EVP sessions.

Looking for a simple to use, high-quality, best-selling ghost hunting product? This is it! The SpiritPod X1S creates its own static field and triggers an alarm when any movement (whether it be living or dead) comes into its vicinity.

The SpiritPod comes in two different versions, the X1 and the X1S. The X1 comes with sound while the X1S in silent. Each have their benefits. The X1S doesn’t interfere with EVP sessions as it’s silent, and is very similar to the RemPod which detects spirits in the same way.

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The SpiritPod is much better value than the RemPod, which RRP is usually almost double! This piece of equipment is a steal for the price, and works very similarly to the RemPod. It is simple to use and easy to transport due to its small size. It is an essential piece of ghost hunting equipment which will not break the bank but is proven to work from countless people.

Whether you’re a professional paranormal investigator or a beginner looking to see if there is paranormal activity within your home or a certain area, the SpiritPod X1S is an essential piece of equipment.

What Does The SpiritPod Do?

The SpiritPod X1S detects anything that enters the static EMF field which is created by the device. This can be humans, spirits, animals, or anything which is made up of energy. The device detects a shift in energy so will alert you when anything supernatural or otherwise enters the field.

The Spirit Shack SpiritPod X1S will alert you when anything enters the field it’s created. The device is incredibly sensitive and will pick up even the smallest change within its field. The SpiritPod X1S is silent meaning there is no audible alarm. The device will instead alert you through the lights which will light up depending on the strength of the presence. If the presence is weak, 1-2 of its lights will light up. If the presence is strong, 2-4 of the lights will light up.

This allows you to adequately see the strength of the spirit within your presence, while also being able to use a range of different equipment as it does not interfere with EVP sessions.


  • High-quality
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Adjustable telescopic antenna
  • Detects anything made from energy that enters the static field
  • Easy-to-see light up alarm making it perfect for use in the dark
  • LED lights to indicate energy change
  • 1–2 lights mean it’s picking up a small amount of disturbance
  • All 4 lights mean it’s picking up a larger amount of disturbance
  • Can be used alongside other EVP devices as is silent
  • Can use multiple SpiritPod at the same time for optimum efficiency

How Does The SpiritPod X1S Work?

The SpiritPod doesn’t detect EMF frequencies like the K-II Meter. This means you are able to use it near a power source like a plug socket, and it will not be triggered. The device is similar to the RemPod, meaning it will trigger its alarm when anything breaks the EMF field it generates. The device creates an electromagnetic field, then will alert you by flashing if any energy enters the EMF.

Spirit Pod X1S Specifications:
  • Runs on a single 9V battery
  • On/off switch for easy use
  • 4 LED lights on top are easy to see in the light or dark
  • Weight: 167g
  • Size: 14 cm height, 10 cm length, 10 cm width (37 cm with antenna extended)

How To Use It

Next, we’ll explore how to use the SpiritPod. We recommend using 3–4 SpiritPod’s to be able to spread them out throughout the room, possibly even putting one in each doorway to catch paranormal activity when it is entering or leaving the space. Putting one in each doorway where you are conducting the paranormal investigation will allow for catching anything entering or leaving the room.

When you have the SpiritPod X1S set up in the space where you are conducting the paranormal investigation, simply turn them on and move out of the space. You can then ask the spirits to trigger the device by asking questions.

If you have more than one SpiritPod, you would be able to ask the ghost to trigger them depending on their answers, for example, by triggering one or the other depending on having a yes or no response. This allows for sophisticated communication with spirits.

The SpiritShack SpiritPod X1S simply takes one 9V battery which can be easily replaced if needed from the bottom.

SpiritShack SpiritPod X1S

Calibration (Important)

When you turn it on, after a few seconds it calibrates, all the lights flash once and it beeps. You need to have it placed down and your hand well away from it before that takes places.

Set the sound on or off, extend the antenna, THEN turn it on, place it down and move your hand away as quickly as possible. After the beep, you can put your hand near the antenna to test its working, but never touch it. If you need to move it, repeat the whole process.

Sometimes calibration may fail, even if you did everything correct. In this case, you may have to repeat the calibration a few times.

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    Jade Ashton

    I love the Spirit Pod X1S, thank you! I have used it a few times now, and it was going off on command during both investigations. Next pay day, I definitely will be coming back.

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    Great product, great service.

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