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Best laser grid matrix 532 nm for paranormal investigations
The best ghost hunting laser grid pen paranormal
The best ghost-hunting laser grid pen in green

Professional Green Laser Grid Pen



The Professional Green Laser Grid Pen for Ghost Hunting contains one of the best lasers on the market.

What Does It Do?

The Professional Green Laser Grid Pen for ghost-hunting is a laser pen like no other. It is one of the best on the market, with a laser which stays on rather than having to hold it and keep your finger on the button or place some tape around it to keep it pressed down.

This Best Green Laser Pen for ghost hunting doesn’t overheat and contains a very high-quality laser which will fulfil all your needs without burning out quickly like other lasers. Many laser pens on the market contain cheap lasers which overheat, meaning the pen does not last very long. This Ghost Hunting Laser Pen has been specifically designed for long use throughout paranormal investigations.

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The Best Green Laser Grid contains a high-quality laser grid with a large pattern. Usually, when using this piece of equipment in paranormal investigations, you’d want to use it by aiming it at a wall. The grid on this laser should cover the entire wall, rather than just a small area, giving you much more conclusive evidence of paranormal activity.

Main Features:

  • Powered By 1x 18650 Batteries (not included)
  • High-quality green laser which doesn’t overheat
  • Large grid pattern compared to other green lasers
  • Rechargeable
  • Comes with a charger
  • 532 nm
  • Green and bright laser
  • Large pattern which should fit a wall
  • 5x Patterns

How Does it Work?

The idea is that when using an LED Laser throughout a paranormal investigation, if anything moves within the illuminated grid, the dots which are projected by the laser would move, either distorting or blinking, which would reveal the motion of the paranormal entity or object.

This Green Laser Pen comes with wide-angle DOE’s, which will cover a large area from a short-distance away. Many similar laser grid pens are available for a fraction of the price. BUT, saving money will result in you having to replace this piece of equipment much more often than not. Lasers which are low in quality tend to overheat and burn out quickly.

This Best Green LED Laser will not only last longer, but it is a much more powerful laser and will be much brighter than others. It comes with a large, long-lasting lithium 18650 batteries. The SpiritShack Best Green LED Laser for ghost hunting is also rechargeable.

How To Use It

This laser has to be used in complete darkness, so make sure you achieve this when using it. The reason for this is so that you can see the dots and grid pattern distort easier if there is a paranormal entity present.

This laser product is the Best Green Laser Pen, and it has the benefit of an adjustable grid. Simply turn the end of the pen to change the size of the displayed pattern. Make sure you never look into the laser or shine it into anyone’s eyes, as this can lead to long-term damage. If you would like to use the laser pen as a pointer, simply unscrew the end of the pen.

The use of a laser grid projector has become increasingly popular within the paranormal field. This is because you can gauge the rough size, shape and motions of the paranormal entity as it passes in front of the dots or grid. You can also see which direction the entity is moving in, and could follow it with other equipment. Depending on the spirits’ strength, the dots and pattern could either just be disturbed and move slightly, or could go out completely.

As the Spirit Shack’s Best Green Laser will stay on without you having to consistently press the button (as you do with most other laser pointers), you have the choice of leaving it on a surface and projecting it at a wall rather than holding it in your hand. Choosing this options is the best idea, as the movement and distortion of the dots would then be more conclusively from a paranormal entity, rather than say a shaking hand or other human error.

What’s included?

  • Battery charger
  • Carry case
  • Green laser grid pen
  • Batteries (18650)
  • 5x DOE’s with different patterns.

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    My partner ordered this for me as a surprise gift, and I’m truly impressed with the brightness and how easy it is to use! Huge pattern, can’t wait to use this on my next ghost hunt. Thanks, SpiritShack and my awesome partner for a great product!

  2. Rating

    Authentic paranormal society (A.P.S)

    Received the professional green laser pen today along with a few other accessories, and I’m well and truly impressed. Thank you so much and definitely 10/10. Really amazed as well with the different choices of ends you receive with the pen 🙂 happy.

  3. Rating

    Sally D.

    This is excellent, works well.

  4. Rating


    Brilliant! Thank you!

  5. Rating

    Lynda Winley

    Great piece of kit. Easy ordering and fast delivery. I will be ordering some more gadgets soon. Would highly recommend you to anyone.

  6. Rating

    Garry Field

    Brilliant service, it was pretty fast, delivery will be coming back to buy soon.

  7. Rating

    Matt Morton-Withers – (The Ashfield Paranormal Investigation Team)

    Just purchased this laser grid pen, and I’m absolutely thrilled with it, it comes in a lovely hard case and works perfectly. Can’t wait to use it on our next paranormal event at The Village in Mansfield at the end of November, plus future events. Great addition to our equipment. Would strongly recommend Spiritshack to anyone, great product, easy ordering, fast delivery. Will definitely be ordering more kit from them soon.

  8. Rating

    Christopher Sanders

    Excellent product and more, so it was a fast delivery from order to home delivery.

  9. Rating

    Peter W.

    Excellent quality. I’m having to manufacture something for it to fit on a tripod. Perhaps this could be a future add-on available from you.

  10. Rating


    Seen being used on YouTube quite often. So I thought I’d investigate by buying my own. I love it a lot the way I can adjust the laser. Plus the fact I can recharge the battery. And I left the laser pen on not fully charged. And it still lasted over 2 hours. Just an amazing product and great value 👻👍

  11. Rating

    Nathan S.

    Great product, does the job perfectly 👍👍

  12. Rating

    Jamie Liquorish

    Great product. It has really helped my paranormal work. Superb service from SpiritShack.

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    The Grid pen works well.

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