TIR Crosshair Ghost Detector
TIR Crosshair X Y Axis Movement Detector
TIR Crosshair
TIR Crosshair Movement Detector
TIR Crosshair for ghost hunters
TIR Crosshair for ghost hunting
TIR Crosshair Ghost Detector
Ghost Detector to help you locate spirits
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TIR Crosshair X Y Axis Movement Detector


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The new TIR Crosshair is a double X Y axis warm infrared signal detector. It was designed explicitly for the paranormal community to find and communicate with spirits and ghosts. The TIR-Crosshair identifies exceptionally little changes in temperature which can be made by spirits, and its exclusively worked for association with them.

How does the TIR Crosshair work?

The TIR-Crosshair can detect thermal energy on the X and Y axis in a 60-degree field. Any supernatural events can be seen and followed when brief temperature change passes before the warm sensor. The temperature is shown utilizing 6 LED lights for each unique direction. Every LED light change shows a 7.5 degree change in the thermal temperature; the scope of the sensor is 10 feet.

If a object or paranormal anomaly passes before the warm infrared sensor the lights will become blue toward the path that the temperature change is occurring. At the point when a warm paranormal anomaly passes before the warm sensor the lights will become red toward the path it was gotten. In examples where warm temperature is trailed by a cool temperature the lights will illuminate red and afterward blue.

As all paranormal investigations diverse from numerous points of view, its great to completely see how the TIR Crosshair ghost detector functions prior to using it. The TIR-Crosshair will recognize individuals, in the event that you stand 2-3 meters before it you will see it light up red, however it will zero itself again a little while later. Whenever it has reset itself with you before it you can remain there and permit it to screen warm and cold temperature switches up you. Once more, when you move out of its way you will see it become blue as the mass of warm energy has gone, yet it will zero itself again.

TIR-Crosshair Specifications:

  • 60° degree detection angle
  • Includes ON/OFF switch
  • Cold spots display in blue, hot in red
  • +/- 4° degree temperature accuracy
  • Resolution: 64 pixels
  • 8×8 (64 pixel) sensor pixel resolution
  • Requires 1x 9v square battery
  • 6 to 7.5 degree optical axis gap
  • Size: 11.5cm x 7cm x 2.5cm
  • 10 foot Maximum detection distance
  • 15-85% operating humidity to avoid freezing or condensing

TIR Crosshair X Y Dual Axis Thermal Temperature Movement Detector

The TIR-Crosshair is a X Y double axis thermal infrared detector which can even show the heading of the temperature changes. It accompanies a 64 pixel show which can show blue for cold and red for warm temperature inconsistencies. It has a colossal 60-degree field of view. It is another and novel approach to identify and show warm temperature changes inside the climate. This astounding gadget will show you the bearing of the temperature changes and whether they are hot or cold. The visual showcase is spread out to show you if the chilly/problem area is moving towards you, away from you, or from side to side.

The TIR Crosshair has been designed explicitly to further help promote and advance paranormal research and the paranormal field. It has been included in the most famous Ghosting Chasing TV program Ghost Adventures. The TIR-Crosshair requires a square 9v battery to control, which is excluded. The measurements are 11.5cm by 7cm by 2.5cm. With a 60-degree field of view and a 10 foot range this can cover and screen an extremely huge region. Its preferable to put this down over it is to hold it, since, in such a case that you turn it will distinguish changes in temperature and will give you bogus positives. It tends to be utilized as an intuitive and motion-controlled Ghost chasing gadget. As you can request the spirits to move in front from it, in the event that they do you will see a hot or cold spot show up. On the off chance that you, request that it move you will see the progressions once more. It truly is an astonishing and flexible piece of paranormal equipment.

Things to Note

Bear at the top of the priority list that things like cooling and open windows can and will impact the TIR-Crosshair Warm Sensor. The TIR Crosshair is not designed to supplant thermal infrared cameras, on the off chance that you have one it would be a smart thought to utilize both related to each other.

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    Jorden Hall

    It’s like a professional version of Ghost Radar! Which uses thermal fluctuations instead of EMF which in my experience is a more accurate way to detect paranormal activity. It’s quite unique and different from our other equipment, would reccomend.

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