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Our Tree of Life incense holder from the side
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The life tree fragrance holder with a lit joss stick in
Tree of Life Incense holder with a black background

Tree of Life Fragrance Stick Holder 23.5 cm




This product is the delicately beautiful Tree of Life incense stick holder. The burner has the world tree statue on the bottom and the Celtic triple spiral symbol just above. The product has a rustic look with a bronze finish. The world tree symbolises wisdom, longevity, and rebirth. It’s made with high-quality resin and will last many long years. It’s an excellent gift for yourself or another special person.

Intricate design

This product’s intricate design showcases the life tree statue at the base. And it has the Celtic triple spiral symbol just above. Every detail is carefully sculpted to capture the essence of these ancient symbols. It’s an actual work of art that adds depth and meaning to your rituals.

Rustic elegance

With its rustic bronze finish, this incense holder exudes elegance and antiquity. The timeless appearance makes it a great addition to any space. You can keep it in your meditation room or your living area. Its aesthetic appeal is matched only by its spiritual importance.

Symbolism and significance

The Tree of Life is a powerful symbol representing wisdom, longevity, and rebirth. It serves as a reminder of our connection to the natural world and the cyclical nature of Life. The Celtic triple spiral, known as the Triskele, symbolises various triads, such as Life, death, and rebirth. Together, these symbols create a harmonious blend of spiritual energy.

Exceptional quality

Crafted with high-quality resin, this incense holder is built to stand the test of time. Its quality ensures that it will accompany you on your spiritual journey for many years. And it may become an integral part of your practice.

A thoughtful gift

The Life Tree Incense fragrance stick burner is a meaningful addition to your spiritual tools. It is also a thoughtful gift for yourself or a special person. It’s a token of wisdom, rebirth, and an enduring connection to the mysteries of existence.



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