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The triple goddess tea light candleholder
Our Triple moon god candlelight holder from the back
Our moon goddess candleholder from the side
The triple goddess tea candlelight holder with a candle in it

Triple Goddess Tea Candlelight 12 cm




This product is the aged bronze triple goddess tea light candleholder. The faceless goddess statue sits on the base, which holds your candle. The goddess is carrying the triple moon symbol with a pentagram with a spiral on her belly. This candleholder represents eternal femininity. Made using the best quality resin and hand-painted in an aged-looking bronze. Stay connected to Earth and the cosmos with this stunning statue.

Eternal femininity embodied

We want to introduce our Aged Bronze Goddess Tea Light Candleholder. It’s a captivating and symbolic piece that celebrates the eternal essence of femininity. This exquisitely crafted candleholder combines artistry and spirituality. It’s a meaningful addition to your decor.

Goddess of mystery and magic

At the heart of this candleholder is the faceless goddess statue, an enigmatic figure that radiates mystery and magic. Her serene presence brings a sense of tranquillity to any space. Resting atop a sturdy base designed to hold your tea light candle securely. This exquisite piece is both functional and ornamental.

Symbolic triple goddess spiral

The centrepiece of this candleholder is the goddess spiral adorning the goddess’s belly. This sacred symbol represents the three phases of the moon—the waxing, full, and waning moons. It symbolizes the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. Above the spiral, you’ll find the triple moon symbol, each moon phase beautifully depicted. At the heart of the triple moon is a pentagram, a powerful emblem of protection.

Handcrafted excellence

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this Triple Goddess Candleholder is made from top-quality Polyresin. The aged bronze finish gives it a timeless, weathered appearance, adding a touch of antique charm to your decor. Each piece is hand-painted with care, ensuring that every candleholder is a unique work of art.

Stay connected to the Earth

Place this remarkable candleholder in your sacred space or meditation room as a centrepiece on your dining table. Whether you use it for spiritual rituals or as a decorative accent, it reminds you to stay connected to the natural world. And the cosmic energies that surround us.



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