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Our wooden effect triple moon goddess incense holder from the side
The moon god incense burner from the front
Triple moon goddess incense holder with a joss stick in it

Triple Moon Goddess Scented Stick Burner 23.5 cm




This product is the triple-moon pentagram incense holder for burning your favourite incense sticks. The head of the burner is shaped like the triple moon, with a pentagram embossed on it. Although it’s made from high-quality Polyresin, it has an old wooden oak effect. It is made up of the full, waxing and waning moons. A small hole sits below the head where you place your sticks. It’s expertly hand-painted, and the product will increase the level of spirituality in your home.

Triple moon magic

The head of this incense holder is adorned with the iconic Triple Moon symbol. The symbol represents the moon’s phases: waxing, complete, and waning. Each phase carries unique energy, making this incense holder a powerful ritual tool. Or for meditation or simply creating a tranquil space. At the centre of it all lies the Pentagram. It’s a symbol of spiritual protection and unity. It adds an extra layer of ambience to your incense-burning practice.

Crafted to perfection

Made from the finest quality Polyresin, this incense holder has an exquisite design. What sets it apart is the stunning old wooden oak effect finish, which gives it an authentic, timeless appearance. The expert build quality is evident in every brushstroke of professional hand painting. And we can assure you that all pieces are different.

Enhance your spirituality

Whether you’re a practitioner or someone who likes the beauty of spiritual items, this burner will enrich your spiritual journey. As you burn your favourite incense sticks, watch the fragrant smoke dance. The smoke flows around the Triple Moon and Pentagram, creating an enchanting and meditative atmosphere in your space.


  • Triple Moon Incense Holder
  • Made using the finest resin
  • Hand-painted professionally
  • 23.5 cm in size
  • Band: Nemesis Now
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Weight: 0.16 kg
  • Size: 23.5 cm
  • SKU: D5750U1
  • Barcode: 801269144869



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