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The triple moon goddess statue, new and boxed
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Triple Moon Goddess Statue 8.5 cm


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This product is the stunning Triple Moon Goddess statue, which is 8.5 cm high. The goddess is wearing a hooded purple cloak and sits between two crescent moons. She has a full moon in her lap with her arms wrapped around it. The moon goddess figurine had been crafted with the best quality resin before being skilfully hand painted. This statue is perfect for any Wiccan or pagan witches’ home.

Discover the divine essence

In spiritual symbolism, the moon goddess holds profound importance. And this exquisite figurine captures her essence in a mesmerising display. This perfectly sculpted statue stands at a modest height of 8.5 cm. And she makes the perfect addition to your sacred space.

Adorned in majesty

The goddess is draped in a regal purple cloak, hooded in reverence to the mystical. Her presence exudes an air of enchantment and mystique. Seated gracefully between two delicate crescent moons, she cradles a full moon. Her arms encircled the moons with tenderness.

A testament to craftsmanship

This triple moon god statue is crafted with precision and the finest resin. This level of quality ensures it lasts, and it’s a captivating aesthetic. Each detail is lovingly hand-painted, infusing life and magic into every curve and contour of the figurine. This statue is more than just an ornament; it symbolises spirituality and reverence.

For the Wiccan and Pagan

Whether you follow the path of Wicca or embrace pagan traditions, this figurine resonates with a sense of belonging. Place it on your altar or in your meditation space. Or in any area where you seek to connect with the divine feminine and lunar energies.


  • Intricately sculpted design
  • Made from the finest resin
  • Carefully hand-painted
  • Mini figurine 8.5 cm tall

Statue specifications

  • Brand: Nemesis Now
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Weight: 0.27 kg
  • Height: 15 cm
  • SKU: B6150W2
  • Barcode: 801269148874



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