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Xbox Kinect Sensor for ghost-hunting
SLS Camera V1 stick man camera for ghost-hunting

V1 SLS Stickman Camera



This V1 SLS Stick man Camera uses Infrared technology to capture possible paranormal activity when ghost hunting.

What does the SLS Camera do?

The SLS Xbox Kinect sensor is one of the most valuable pieces of ghost-hunting equipment. It is a high-tech and sophisticated ghost hunting camera which works by sending out infrared beams and translating what these beams send back into a visible image.

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This SLS Stick man Camera is based on the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor, which is used to detect bodily movement. This makes it a high-quality sensor for translating the information gathered by the infrared beams into an image. It is a great piece of equipment if you are looking for more than just regular imaging or video on a paranormal investigation, as it will allow you to capture and record energy that you may not see with the naked eye, not just imagery.

The SLS Stick man Camera has skeletal and facial recognition technology, meaning when it is connected to a tablet or other screening device and software, it picks up and translates the imagery of faces and figures.

Main Features:

  • Humanoid skeletal recognition
  • Facial Recognition
  • Facial Replacement
  • Infrared (IR) Night vision Camera
  • Depth Camera
  • Included is 1x V1 SLS Stick man Camera

How does the Stick man Camera work?

It Is regarded throughout the ghost hunting community that paranormal entities have associations with electromagnetic energy. This could be because they are made up of electromagnetic energy, or they can manipulate electromagnetic energy. Either way, this camera will help you capture and record any time a figure breaks the beams sent out by the camera throughout a paranormal investigation.

The infrared projector on this SLS Stick man Camera shows all objects within the environment in a 3D formation of dots, showing the depth and detail of the environment. The camera’s advanced technology allows you to use it in day or night, as it does not need any lighting to work. This works especially well on paranormal investigations where you want to maintain a dark and eery atmosphere, for example, if you are filming a YouTube video or otherwise.

SLS stands for Structured Light Sensor, which means this device can track skeletal movement. The camera captures joint structure and movements, which allows it to pick up paranormal entities shape like people. Paired with software and a tablet, the camera will show these human shapes, and allow you to see what shape the entities in front of you take.

To Use, You Will Need:
  • V1 Kinect Software
  • Windows PC/Laptop or Tablet
  • V1 Kinect Power and USB Adapter
How to use the SLS Camera:

It is worth noting that this listing is specifically for the V1 Kinect Sensor. To use it with different equipment, you may need different cables. We also sell packages including software and a tablet so that you can see whatever the camera picks up in real-time. Make sure to check out all of our other options if you are looking for the entire package. It is also worth noting that Xbox does not manufacture this product any more, therefore all SLS Stick man Cameras that we use are used and refurbished, and will be tested before sending.

When using the SLS Stick man Camera, you must attach it to another piece of recording equipment or tablet to see the image in real-time. The benefit of using the SLS Stick man Camera alongside a tablet is that because you are seeing the image in real-time, you can interact with the paranormal entities and ask them questions.

You can use this SLS Camera at day and at night, as it uses Infrared technology to work. When using the camera, make sure it is plugged in and switched on. Depending on the size of the area of your paranormal investigation, you may want to purchase multiple Kinect sensors to have them in different rooms. This would allow for a greater depth of evidence gathered throughout your paranormal investigation.

Before using the SLS Camera, make sure you clear the area of any other objects that you are not using throughout your paranormal investigation. This is because the camera uses infrared technology to work, and creates images based on beams of infrared light that it sends out.

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