v2 SLS camera kit with tablet for ghost hunting
v2 SLS camera skeletal tracking kit with tablet
v2 SLS stickman camera kit with tablet
v2 SLS camera kit with tablet for ghost hunting
SLS Camera

v2 SLS Camera Kit Stickman with Tablet


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The v2 SLS Camera is truly one of the most popular ghost hunting devices. Because it allows you to see spirits and ghosts that are not visible with your eyes and see displays them as stickman figures. Since it works by sending out many infrared beams, the broken beams are used to construct the stickmen. Furthermore, the v2 SLS Camera is based on the xBox One Kinect Sensor. This Kinect software gives you many features like night vision and depth vision, and the stickman view. The v2 SLS Camera is one of the best ghost hunting devices in the paranormal research community, as it can give you physical evidence you can use as proof.

You will get the tablet, camera, USB and power cables and the software will be preloaded onto the tablet. The camera requires a mains power socket so this product is only suitable for indoors. If you require a tablet or the camera please look at our other products, we many sell different packages. Everything is new apart from the camera itself, the camera isn’t manufactured any longer and we are only able to supply used models, we always test them before posting. We have played with the sls camera on many investigations and it catches stickmen quite frequently, many of these ghosts are intelligent and will wave on request.

What’s Included

  • Windows Tablet with including Software
  • v2 SLS Camera (Used)
  • SLS Stickman Power and USB leads (New)

What you will need

  • Mains power socket to plug the camera power adapter into


  • Skeletal Recognition (Stickman)
  • Facial Recognition and Replacement
  • IR Nighvision Camera
  • Depth Vision Camera

1 Review

  1. Connor Bailey

    I love the xBox One Kinect Sensor it’s a good kit, we have managed to catch the spirits we thought we had living in our flat. I will definitely be checking out some more of your ghost hunting equipment. Thanks SpiritShack!