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V2 Xbox Kinect sensor USB and power lead
V2 SLS skeletal tracking camera software
V2 SLS camera kit for humanoid and stick man tracking and ghost-hunting
Xbox One Kinect sensor camera kit for skeletal tracking and ghost-hunting

V2 SLS Stickman Camera Kit




The V2 SLS Stick man Camera Kit comes with the camera, cables and software and everything needed to use this sophisticated piece of ghost-hunting equipment.

What does it do?

The V2 Kinect sensor is a widely used piece of ghost hunting equipment and a favourite among paranormal investigators. The V2 is the latest release in SLS camera technology and is actually not produced any more, meaning we sell out fast, so it is a good idea to purchase it whenever you see it in stock. The V2 Kinect sensor allows you to detect spirits and entities which are not always visible to the human eye due to its use of infrared technology.

The V2 SLS Stick man Camera Kit comes with the V2 Xbox One Kinect sensor, and also the software needed to use the camera. You will have to purchase a tablet or laptop to use alongside the camera and software, which we also sell here at Spirit Shack. We have a range of options whether you would like to purchase the SLS Kinect camera, software and tablet all together or individually.

The SLS Kinect sensor for ghost-hunting uses similar technology to the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor, as the sensor was built with the intent of translating human movement and figures into a digital image.


  • Extremely accurate facial recognition capabilities
  • Accurate skeletal recognition capabilities
  • Facial replacement
  • Infrared camera
  • Night vision camera
  • Depth camera

How does it work?

SLS stands for Structured Light Sensor, meaning this device can accurately track skeletal movements and translate them into an image when used alongside the SLS Stick man software and a tablet. The Spirit Shack V2 SLS Stick man Camera works by projecting a formation of infrared dots into an area and captures anything which breaks the formation. This can be anything supernatural or living, so it’s important to let other paranormal investigators you are working with know which direction the camera is facing so that they do not accidentally walk in front of it.



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    Francesca Black

    Since noticing strange activity like doors shutting in my home, I decided to get the SLS camera to try and see what is going on. It has proved there is a ghost in my home it was amazing to see.

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