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Wicked Witch Witchcraft Broomstick Crystal Ball Holder 2
Wicked Witch Witchcraft Broomstick Crystal Ball Holder

Wicked Witch Broomstick Crystal Ball Holder




Introducing this quirky and unique triple broomstick witches ball holder. It can hold just about any size of crystal ball and will fit in perfectly with your altar. The three witches’ broomsticks are held together with the magic of a binding spell. Which forms a strong magical tripod. Under the three broomsticks sits a cute little cauldron with a pentagram symbol on. It’s such a lovely piece for your crystal ball to sit on. With its ultra realism, the brooms look ready to fly away. This will make the perfect gift for any witch, medium or spiritualist.

A Touch of Witchcraft

Introducing our quirky and unique crystal ball stand, designed to bring a magical touch to your space. This extraordinary holder is perfect for witches, mediums, spiritualists, or anyone who cherishes the mystical and the magical. With its ability to hold just about any size of crystal ball, it’s a versatile and enchanting addition to your altar or any space where you seek to add a touch of magic.

Intricate Design and Detail

The holder features three witches’ broomsticks, masterfully crafted and held together by the magic of a binding spell, forming a strong, magical tripod. The attention to detail is evident in each broomstick, exuding a sense of ultra-realism, as if they are ready to take flight at any moment. Underneath the broomsticks sits a cute little cauldron, adorned with a pentagram symbol, adding to the mystical aura of the piece.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

Crafted with high-quality Polyresin, this magic ball holder is not only sturdy but also beautifully hand-painted, showcasing the intricate details and textures that make this piece truly unique. Each element is designed with care, ensuring that the holder is not only functional but also a work of art.


  • Embrace your inner witchcraft with this crystal ball stand
  • Made using three broomsticks leaning onto the cauldron
  • Made with high-quality Polyresin, and beautifully hand painted
  • A crystal ball is not included



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    It’s a good looking and sturdy crystal ball stand. Very happy with the quality and the look and especially for the price.

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