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pentagram cauldron backflow incense burner
cauldron backflow incense burner
cauldrons backflow incense burner
pentagram and cauldron design backflow incense burner
pouring cauldron backflow incense burner

Witchcraft Cauldron Backflow Incense Burner




This product is our witch cauldron incense burner with a witchcraft theme. Just place a backflow incense cone on the top and light. You will see the smoke from the incense pouring from one cauldron to the other.

Decorated with flames and a silver effect pentagram, it makes the perfect incense burner for a witch. It takes two AA batteries, which allow it to light up. There is an on/off switch underneath.

Enchanting Design

The Witchcraft Incense Burner is a lovely crafted piece that captivates the senses. Its design is deeply rooted in witchcraft themes. It features a unique dual-cauldron structure that is both mystical and functional. When a backflow incense cone is placed and lit in the top cauldron, it creates an enchanting visual effect. Smoke gently cascades from one cauldron to the other, resembling a magical potion in the midst of brewing.

Mystical Aesthetics

This incense burner has carefully crafted flame motifs and a striking silver pentagram. These elements enhance the burner’s aesthetic and resonate with those who have an affinity for witchcraft. Whether you are a witch or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of the occult, this incense burner is designed to be an eye-catching piece in any space.

Illuminated Feature

Adding to its charm, this Cauldron Burner includes a light-up feature powered by two AA batteries. This subtle lighting adds a warm glow to the smoke effect. And it creates an even more mesmerizing experience. The on/off switch underneath the burner allows for easy operation, ensuring this mystical ambience can be invoked whenever desired.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

Crafted from premium resin, this incense burner is visually appealing but also durable and long-lasting. Its weight of 360 grams ensures stability, while its size (15 cm x 13 cm x 11 cm) makes it a versatile addition to various spaces, from altars to living rooms. The packaged weight of 470 grams and size (19 cm x 16.5 cm x 14.5 cm) ensure it is securely transported to its destination.



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