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Our witches triquetra magic hanging ornament from the side
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Witches triquetra magic hanging ornament

Witches Triquetra Magic Hanging Ornament 6 cm



This product is the exclusive magic triquetra hanging ornament. It is in the shape of the triquetra symbol, representing the life cycle. Attached is a silver ribbon which can be used to hang the ornament up. The ribbon consists of three black interlaced arcs. This witchcraft-inspired hangable ornament is made of the finest resin. It is a vital piece to add to any witches’ collection.

Enchant your space with the triquetra

Elevate your mystical ambience with our exclusive Witches Triquetra Magic Hanging Ornament. It’s crafted in the shape of the revered triquetra symbol. This hangable ornament is a captivating reminder of the intricate dance of life’s cycles. It’s suspended from a sleek silver ribbon with three interlaced black arcs. This enchanting piece is a must-have addition to any witch’s collection. Explore the magic and symbolism infused into this unique ornament.

A symbol of Wiccan wisdom

At the heart of this ornament lies the triquetra, a symbol deeply rooted in Wiccan traditions and beliefs. The symbol represents the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The triquetra holds profound meaning for those attuned to its magic. As you display this ornament, you align your space with the powerful energies of transformation.

Exclusivity meets magic

Our Witches Triquetra Magic Hangable decoration boasts an exclusive and unique design. It’s cute, and it stands out in your mystical decor. Crafted with precision and care, this ornament is made from the finest resin. The quality ensures it will last and gives it a great aesthetic appeal. Its careful detailing captures the essence of the triquetra symbol, making it an actual work of art.

Compact and captivating

It measures 6 cm in height and width, and this hangable ornament is a pocket-sized addition to your mystical setup. Whether you adorn your altar, window, or sacred space, its small size allows for creative placement. The included silver ribbon simplifies the hanging process. You can instantly infuse your surroundings with the symbol’s mystical energy.


  • Wiccan triquetra hanging ornament
  • Exclusive and unique design
  • Made with the finest resin
  • 6 cm height and width

Hanging ornament specification

  • Brand: Nemesis Now
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Weight: 0.05 kg
  • Size: 6 cm
  • SKU: B6278X3
  • Barcode: 801269149895

Embrace the eternal magic cycle in your home with our Witches Hanging Ornament. Infuse your space with the symbolism and energy of the triquetra. It’s a symbol loved by Wiccans and spiritual seekers alike.

Whether you’re a witch or just like the mystique of the triquetra, this hanging ornament is an excellent addition to your sacred space.

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