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Our witches triple moon hanging ornament
The witch triple moons Hangable ornament from the side
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Witch Triple Moon Hanging Ornament 7.5 cm




This is the exclusive witches’ triple moon hanging decoration. It’s shaped like the triple moon symbol with a pentagram in the centre. It is created to be hung in your home using the silver ribbon. The black outlines of the ornament represent the waxing, waning and full moons. The triple moon symbolises the circle of life, which is Wiccan-inspired. This stunning ornament is cast in the best quality resin and must-have for any witchcraft practitioner.

Embrace the Mystical

Delve into the witchcraft and Wiccan tradition with the Witch Triple Moon Hanging Ornament. It’s a lovely piece designed to add a touch of magic and mystery to your living space. This enchanting ornament serves as a decorative element and a powerful symbol of femininity, mysticism, and the natural cycle of life.

Symbolism and Design

The ornament beautifully captures the essence of the Triple Moon, an iconic symbol within Wiccan and pagan cultures. It displays the three phases of the moon – waxing, full, and waning. And it embodies the Goddess in her three forms: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. At the centre of this celestial alignment sits a detailed pentagram, further emphasising the ornament’s spiritual significance.

Craftsmanship and Quality

Expertly crafted from high-grade Polyresin, this ornament is hard-wearing with a finely detailed finish. Its stark black outlines against the backdrop of any room make it a striking addition to your home decor. Premium materials ensure that each piece retains its beauty and symbolic power for years to come.

Versatile Decoration

With a convenient silver ribbon, the Witches Moon Hanging Ornament is designed for easy display. Whether you adorn a wall, window, or sacred space, this ornament seamlessly integrates with any decor. And it brings with it a sense of peace, protection, and spiritual connection.

A Gift of Magic

This ornament makes an ideal gift for practitioners of witchcraft or those drawn to the mystical aspects of life. It is a decorative item and a meaningful symbol of the recipient’s path and beliefs. Whether for a seasoned witch, a Wiccan enthusiast, or someone beginning their spiritual journey, the ornament is a thoughtful and empowering choice.



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