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Wooden Pentagram Tea Light Candle-Holder




This product is a lovely wooden tea light candleholder that features a carved pentagram design. It’s a beautiful addition to any witch’s home! The candleholder can hold three candles and has a rustic wood stain effect.

Express your witch vibes

Unleash the occult in your home with the Pentagram Wooden Tea Light Candleholder. This lovely piece of décor is not just a candleholder; it’s a symbol of spiritual connection. And it makes it the perfect addition to any witch’s sacred space. Let’s delve into the magical details of this captivating candleholder.

A symbol of mystical importance

At the heart of this tea light candleholder lies the pentagram. It’s a symbol of immense spiritual importance in many mystical traditions. The pentagram, also known as the five-pointed star, is often linked with the elements (earth, air, fire, water, and spirit). And it represents harmony, protection, and the balance of energies. As you light your tea light candles within the holder, the pentagram’s intricate design radiates a sense of balance and tranquillity. This product creates a serene atmosphere for your rituals or meditation.

A place for your candle magic

This wooden candleholder can hold up to three tea-light candles. It makes for the perfect tool for your candle magic rituals. It will help perform spells and divination and create a cosy and magical ambience. This holder provides the perfect stage for your candle work. The rustic wood stain effect adds an earthy and grounded energy to your spiritual practice. And it enhances the connection between you and the elements.

Crafted from quality wood

It’s crafted from high-quality wood, and this candleholder exudes natural beauty and art. Its sturdy build ensures that your candles remain secure and stable while burning. The pentagram design is carved into the wood. And it showcases the skill and dedication that went into creating this unique piece.



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