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Where can I make an altar?

You can make your altar anywhere you like. The most convenient place is usually your home, in your bedroom or a spare room. If you have a garden, shed or garage, you can use those spaces too. You can make one in a remote location which as the woods.


What is an altar?

An alter is a religious place, which is used for spells, sacrifice, worship, or prayer. It usually consists of a table or raised space, with some spiritual or religious items on. It could just be a table in your bedroom with an altar cloth on and a few candles.


How do you make an altar?

You can make an altar in a few simple steps. Choose a location, such as a spare room or your bedroom corner. Create a raised area with a small table or desk. Cover the raised area with an altar cloth. Add items which inspire you, represent your intentions, or represent your deities.


How much does it cost to make an altar?

Building your first can be done for free. You can use a small space in your home to set up the altar. Add a table or box to create a raised area. Cover with a cloth or blanket. Then add any items which inspire you or represent your deities. Such as crystals, flowers, candles, or a cross.


What items do I need to make an altar?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to creating your altar. Your altar is there to suit your purposes. You can just select two or three items which inspire you, or items you wish to leave as offerings. Such as candles, perfume, flowers, a bible, crystals or prayers.