Shop for altar bells at SpiritShack! Do you need a bell for your altar? You have come to the right place. You ring the bells at the beginning of spells and rituals. The ringing will inform your deity of your arrival. You can use them to summon the gods you are reaching out to.

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What is an altar bell?

The altar bell is a small hand-held bell made from bronze or brass. They were used in the Roman Rite at the shrine. They are to offer thanks for the miracle taking place. These small bells are decorative. And are added to witch shrines for rituals as well as decoration.


What are altar bells used for?

The Roman Rite used the bells in the Catholic Church. The Romans did this to create a joyful noise for the Lord. In modern days, they are used in witchcraft. Witches use it to mark the beginning and the end of a ritual. They can be used when cleansing to clear the area of negative energy.


Where to buy altar bells?

There are many places to buy an altar bell. We sell them here at SpiritShack, for use in witchcraft for your shrine. We have a selection to choose from in brass and bronze. The bells are used to mark the beginning and the end of spells and rituals.


How do you use an altar bell?

The altar bell is one-handed. You pick it up and shake your hand to ring the bell. You would use it at the start of the prayer. Or the beginning of your religious practice. Or, in witchcraft, you should ring the bell at the start and end of each ritual.


How often should you use an altar bell?

There are many uses for the bell. Depending on your religion and intent. If used for religious or praying purposes, you can use the bell each time you pray. For use in witchcraft, you should use the bell at the beginning. And the end of each spell or ritual.