Shop for backflow scented cone incense burners at SpiritShack! Incense burners are the ideal item to add to your altar. Especially when used with scented backflow cones, which create an inviting fragrance. Spirits are attracted to pleasant smells created from these cones, making your altar and environment more inviting.

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How do backflow incense burners work?

The smoke created from backflow cones is heavier than air. So, gravity pulls the smoke downwards instead of upwards. The cones come with a predrilled hole on the bottom of the cone, which the smoke pours through. Allowing the burner to route the smoke as desired.


Which is the best backflow cone burner?

There is no best backflow cone burner, as they all do the same thing. They allow for a safe flow of the smoke from the incense cone. The best one for you is down to your personal preference. In general, the tiered water flow incense burners are popular.


Do reverse-flow burners work?

Reverse-flow incense burners work well with burning backflow cones. They're designed with a safe place to hold the cone whilst it's burning. And they safely route the down flow of the smoke, which is created from the burning material. Some burners look impressive when filled with smoke. And they are an attractive decoration piece for your home.


Are waterfall burners safe?

Waterfall incense burners are perfectly safe when used correctly. The burner should be placed off the ground on a heatproof surface. Such as on a table with a heatproof mat or on a kitchen side. You must keep them away from pets and children, which may touch or knock over the burning cone. The cones are hot when lit and could start a fire.


How do you burn scented cones without a burner?

We don't recommend burning a scented cone without a burner. The cone gets hot, and the burner is designed to withstand the heat. The smoke's released from a hole in the bottom of the cone needs a route to escape.