Shop for altar candleholders at SpiritShack! We have a lovely selection of burners for your candles. There’s more than enough for you to choose from. They are the perfect addition to your altar, and your home. You will need candles for just about all spells and rituals. And create an inviting atmosphere for the spirits. Candleholders keep your incense backflow cones and pillars stable while in use.

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Where to buy candleholders for my altar?

At SpiritShack, we offer a range of holders for your altar candles. Altar candles are pillar candles, which we stock many holders for. But some witches choose to use backflow incense cones or incense sticks. We have a few multi-use burners which can hold all three types.


Does a pillar candle need a holder?

The question is if the candle is thick enough to stand and burn into itself. If it is, you may not need a holder for your candles. You will need one for the thin pillar candles, which do not stand without support. This is to keep it from falling over and causing a fire. The other burners aim to catch any wax or debris that may fall.


How many candles do I need for my altar?

There is no set quantity of candles required for your altar. For pagan and Wiccan altars, the amount and colour of candles varies. It depends on the spell or ritual carried out at the altar. For general use, one to three candles will suffice. While some rituals require five, one for each corner of the pentagram.


Do I need candleholders for my altar?

You don't need candleholders for your altar if you use thick candles. If the candles are thin pillar candles, use holders for your candles. Because thin ones do not stand well on their own. There may be other benefits of using a burner. Such as keeping your altar cloth free from wax spills.


How to clean brass candleholders?

Suppose you want to remove dried wax from a brass candleholder. Place the burner in warm but not boiling water. Add a few tablespoons full of citric acid. And leave in the bowl for five to ten minutes. Then wipe the wax off the holder with a soft cloth, but be gentle.