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Shop for candle snuffers at SpiritShack! Do you need a candle snuffer? You have come to the right place. We have many for putting out candles from a distance. This tool is a more safe way to put them out. Many witches use them as show paces for their altars. The reason is that they look great, along with your candles and crystals.



How does a candle snuffer work?

Candle snuffers have a handle with a bell or cylinder-shaped cone. You can use them to extinguish lit candles. You hold the handle and put the cone on the end over the lit flame. This action removes the oxygen from the flame and puts candles out.


What is a candle snuffer?

A snuffer's known as a candle extinguisher or a douter. Its primary use is for putting our lit candles safely from a distance. The snuffer is made of brass or copper and has a handle and a bell or cone-shaped cylinder on the end.


How to use a candle snuffer

To use the snuffer, pick the snuffer up with the handle. Put the bell or cone-shaped end over the lit candle and hold for a few seconds. This action removes the air from the flame and extinguishes it. Although used for putting out candles, you can keep them as decorative pieces.


Where can you buy a candle snuffer?

We stock a range of decorated candle snuffers to help you extinguish candles. We have brass and copper versions, depending on your preference. There are many other sellers of candle snuffers, such as eBay, Amazon and more.


How much does a snuffer cost?

The average cost of a snuffer is around ten to twenty pounds in the UK. Most people find them affordable because they're brass or copper. More elaborate gold and branded candle snuffers are closer to the one-hundred-pound mark.