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Shop for altar cloths at SpiritShack! Every alter is complete with a cloth. They are used to cover the altars surface. And to protect it from incense and candle burns. And it gives your shrine a more decorative and appealing look. There are cloths with witchcraft symbols on like the pentagram or triple moon. And they may aid in your magic spells.



What is the altar cloth called?

In Christianity, they call the altar cloth the fair linen. It dates back hundreds of years. In modern times, people call it the cloth. Witches use it to decorate and protect their shrines. More recently, witches have covered their working area for the same reasons.


How do you make Wiccan altar cloths?

It's simple to make a Wiccan cloth. Depending on your beliefs, religion, and preference, they may vary in design. To start, find an old tablecloth, any colour of your choosing. And sew on or draw symbols related to your belief. Such as crosses, pentagrams, triple moons etc.


What is an altar cloth?

In Christianity, the altar cloth is a decorated cloth. They use it to cover the work surface for protection. The purpose is to illustrate the surface as well as protect it. In modern times, Wiccan and pagan witches decorate their altars with them.


What colour are altar cloths?

In Christian tradition, altar cloths are white linen. And have slight differences in decoration. In recent times, witches have used cloths to cover their altars. And these cloths are not limited to white. You will find them in colours from black, red, and purple to green.


Do I need a cloth for my shrine?

It's optional to cover your shrine or table with a cloth. But many witches and spiritualists do use them. Firstly, for decoration, and second, to protect the table. You may use it to protect your workstation from candle wax spills. And spills from drinks you may be using as offerings.