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Shop for altar tables at SpiritShack! The altar table is a miniature table, which represents a full-size altar. You can use it on its own as an altar, or add it to your altar. The table represents the elements, spirits, feelings, intentions, or gods which you would like to connect with. It makes the perfect witches gift.



What is an altar table?

An altar table is a table used by witches as the base as an altar. All the altar items are placed on the table, it is the centrepiece where a witch will perform her spells and rituals.


How big are altar tables for witches?

Altar tables for witches can range in size from small tabletop ornaments to larger floor-standing altars. The size typically depends on the space available and the specific needs of the practitioner. If you do not have room for a full-size table, the small altar table ornaments can be used a representation of the altar.


What should I put on my altar table for witchcraft?

The items placed on an altar table for witchcraft vary depending on the practitioner's personal beliefs and the type of ritual or spells being performed. Some common items include candles, crystals, herbs, incense, and symbols.


Do I need an altar table to practice witchcraft?

No, an altar table is not necessary to practice witchcraft. Many practitioners choose to work with no altar at all or to use a simple setup such as a cloth on the ground or a tray on a table. The most important thing is to create a space that is meaningful and sacred to the individual practitioner.


Where to buy an altar table

We sell altar tables right here at SpiritShack. You may also find them on online stores such as eBay, Etsy, and Amazon.